XANADU 24K Gold Makeup Primer Review

At this point you've heard almost everything about my adventures abroad. Are you sick of hearing about it?

Well, pretend not to be. You don't want to miss this review. :)

As you may or may not know, Germany, where we spent the majority of time over the winter break, is a tad bit north of where I currently am. Here, in Georgia where I'm from, our winters are chilly but not like freezing. The air stays pretty humid and, I mean, if you travel from the north to Georgia for your winter break, you get a decent break from the cold. Sure we may get 30s and 40s from time to time, but we rarely see snow and by February the temperatures start heating up again.

All of this being said, my skin still gets dried out from time to time. Going in and out of the heat, your skin can still take a beating.

Now: let's talk about Europe.

For the first time in months, my hair was getting all staticy from the dry air. My skin, which had broken out from the stress of trip prep, simply wasn't healing. Basically, I felt like I looked like the worst version of myself while traveling. Don't get me wrong: that didn't stop me from having fun. It did, however, make me anxious about trying a new product. Would the new serum dry up my skin rather than moisturize it? Was Xanadu's product more about looks than actual healing?

Shortly before the trip I received my new product in a gorgeously designed exotic looking box. I felt like Jasmine pulling the serum out of it's container! And then, once removed, I could only admire the beautiful gold flakes that made this product stand out from any other serum I have ever tried. I certainly hoped that this product would be leaps and bounds above all of those other serums.

My first time using it, I didn't follow the directions listed on Amazon. I merely pumped the product onto my finger and gently rubbed it into my skin noting the glitter that seemed to remain on my skin, the lovely product smell, and how moisture-rich the primer seemed to be. My second experience using the product, I gently pumped it onto my cheeks and rubbed it in with circular motions following Amazon's directions. Following those directions made my skin feel amazing, especially after a bad night wherein I got restless sleep. That is the method in which I recommend you use the product if you buy it.

Only a few weeks later after my first trial with this product, I must admit I'm in love. I put it on twice a day and my skin feels incredibly moisturized and healthy for having done it. It dramatically helped my skin while I was traveling and has only benefited my skin even more since my return home (where I've been able to use it more consistently).

Now a bit more about the product:

ISA does not test on animals and is FDA approved! Woot! This particular product contains Vitamin C for smoothing your skin and Vitamin E to help keep your skin moisturized. Plus, there is the benefit of having real gold flakes that brighten your skin and make you feel a bit like royalty.

If you are looking for a fantastic moisturizing serum, I highly recommend the Xanadu 24K Gold serum. Even with a high price tag, the product lasts so long and makes such a huge difference in your skin tone that I think it is worth it.

Do you have a favorite skin moisturizer? Would you consider one with real gold in it?

Buy Xanadu's 24K Gold Makeup Primer here.

* I received this product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Great to hear that Xanadu worked so well for you, we hope to be in your travel bag for good!

    ISA Professional


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