Popworks Popcorn!

Over the holidays, I was selected to receive a PinchMe box. Most of the products contained within were for the household pets – dog and cat food, dentastix, etc… Not extraordinarily blog worthy (since my blog doesn't focus on animals). One thing in the box, however, caught my eye – a bag of delicious, delicious cookies and cream popcorn from Popworks & Company. Now typically if I see an awesome item like this in stores, Justin refuses to buy it for me. Sweet popcorn fits more in the "junk food" section of our lives which he deliberately (and understandably) refuses to encourage. Being the awesome blogger I am though, I still find a way to snatch a treat here and there though. PinchMe boxes are just one of those ways.

So … about the cookies and cream popcorn?

It was gone within a few minutes of checking the mail.


It was like 7pm and I was hungry! And Justin was making dinner!

Needless to say, Cookies and Cream popcorn is delicious. It's not old tasting like so many bagged popcorns on the market … and it doesn't taste like buttery popcorn with sugar on it. Somehow or another Popworks managed to pull off a sweet popcorn that is delicious without an overwhelming taste that crowds out and confuses the senses.

Don't kid yourself though. Popworks popcorn is just as bad for you as most other bagged popcorn – perhaps worse since it contains added sugar. If you want delicious, healthier popcorn, I recommend buying the kernels and making it yourself so that you can control for things like sugar, oil, butter, and salt.

Nevertheless, when I want a quick chocolatey sugar fix (with added popcorn), I will definitely consider the delicious Popworks & Company Cookies and Cream popcorn. I imagine it would be great to take to a party!

Interested in trying out Popworks & Company Cookies and Cream popcorn? Click here. Don't forget to try Birthday Cake and Salted Caramel & Fudge too! :)

* I received this product for free and was not required to share my opinion. I shared because I wanted to. All opinions are my own.

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