Wordless Wednesday + December LookBack

NYC – Aug. 2015

Listening to: nothing in particular. Christmas music to a small degree. Pandora likes to play classical Christmas music when i'm driving which simultaneously calms me down and makes me more agitated. Is it just me or do drivers get worse at driving at Christmas time? Some of them are all about driving as slow as possible and waiting until the very last minute to get in the turn lane (Seriously? you decide to put on your blinker the minute you see me coming up around you?) and then the rest are in a crazy hurry, not paying attention, cutting people off, running red lights/stop signs, and following too closely.

Remembering: our last trip to Europe – the ups, the downs, the rain, the sun, the friends, the flight. Are we ready to do all of that again?

Planning: everything! DIY Christmas cards and whether or not I have time to do them, finishing the last bit of Europe preparation, getting price matches, and just trying to find time to breathe. I haven't even finished Christmas gift shopping! (Let's not talk about wrapping.)

Anxiously Awaiting: Santa Claus! No, seriously, I have no idea. I think I might just be anxiously waiting. It turns out you can think of a million things you need to do right before a trip, and that's what is going through my mind. Will we get everything done? Once I'm on the plane and Santa has come and gone, everything will be good though. I think…

Interested to Know: what this Christmas will be like with my brother in Florida and my sister-in-law in North Carolina. Praying we get some good family time before we have to be at the airport. Also, will I be able to finish everything in time? Christmas cards, blog posts, all of the pages read?

Keeping A Secret: a few actually. Christmas gifts for the most part. :)

DIY'ing: Christmas cards maybe? We haven't actually started them, but I have an idea that could potentially be fast and easy … but very personal and unique.

Reading: a few books really. I'm almost finished with Modernist Cuisine Vol. 1 and I have to read/review Modernist Cuisine Vol. 2. Then there is 2 A.M. At the Cat's Pajamas and At the Water's Edge. Oh - and a travel book. I have 320 more pages (and only 2 weeks!) before I complete my 10,000 page goal.

* I'm participating in Susannah Conway's December Reflections. Are you? Today's post was a response to #26 on the list "Real Life".

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