A Review of 2015

What a crazy and busy year 2015 has been! Every year (see 2012, 2013, & 2014) I try to take the time to look back and reflect. This is my post for 2015. :)


I began 2015 with a book in my hands, I think. My new challenge for 2015 was to read 2 books a month for the rest of the year; could I do that? Shortly thereafter, one of my friends announced that she was engaged to her German boyfriend and would be getting married in Germany later in the year, so I started planning a trip


Justin and I helped plan an elaborate barbecue dinner with some of the most decadent ice cream ever so that my brother could announce my nephew's birth date to my grandparents. We also went to hear blogger and entrepreneur "Nomadic Matt" speak about his book How to Travel the World on $50 A Day later that month making for a fun date night despite not really learning anything new. :-/ Before the month came to a close I had booked the first few nights of our November Disney vacation and bought a box of my favorite fruit ever, blood oranges, to see how many things we could make with them. It was an exciting and busy month!


By the time March came around, we were crazy busy. My sister-in-law announced her engagement and was married within the month, we had a trip planned to the Biltmore House to see the flowers in bloom there (with both my parents and my in-laws), and Justin's cousin was getting married at the end of the month in Nashville, a 7 hour drive away! WOW! I barely had time to breathe!

That's when I decided to start blogging about things to do in Atlanta. It was a fun series that I had been wanting to blog about for … years? I don't know …  a while, anyway. It's easy to forget what all there is to do in your hometown…


Come April, it was time for A-Z posts! Yay! One of my favorite times of the year! We celebrated Easter by cooking an Easter bunny! 😧 And eating delicious cake. Yum!


Right as the calmness of April was beginning to take over, May was upon us! Justin and I made a trip down to Florida to see my brother's girlfriend graduate.  We also went to Asheville, NC and the mountains of north Georgia.

In other news: I was uninvited to my friend's wedding in Germany and we quit talking. It was depressing. That's when I started focusing on other travel opportunities to get my spirits up. :-/


When I went on leave from my job in June, Justin and I started traveling again. He had heard about a place called the Unclaimed Baggage Store, which we had to visit. Then, upon leaving, we ventured to Chattanooga, Tennessee where we stopped to get ice cream and view the sunset. It was fun to just get in the car and go somewhere completely random – an experience we won't soon forget. :)


Justin and I spent the first weekend in July in Savannah with family helping to move my brother to his new apartment. As soon as we got back, we spent 3 weeks designing the most beautiful baby shower invitations, using watercolor and screen printing methods. To end the month with a bang, Justin and I took a short weekend vacation to Charleston for my birthday where we tried new restaurants and explored a wildlife preservation site at Edisto Island. It was an amazing way to end the month!


The beginning of August was incredibly stressful. I dropped my iphone and the screen shattered and we had a lot of problems with my car. :( Inevitably, we ended buying a new (used) one. We did enjoy the end of the month when we held a baby shower for my nephew, and then traveled to New York and Boston to visit with family and ride Amtrak for the first time! The lime rickey (Boston version with raspberry juice) became a new favorite for me!


The Saturday of Labor Day weekend my brother called to say baby Nash was on his way, so my parents, husband and I all piled into the car for the long drive to Savannah, Georgia where we spent the weekend. We did a lot of socialization with family and friends … and then we booked a flight to Europe! It was time to start planning!


I spent the majority of October babysitting and getting ready for Disney World. We did spend a bit of time in Savannah visiting my nephew, which ended up being more of a work weekend for both myself and my husband. :-/ I really enjoyed putting together my GoodReads list and working on my Decade by Decade music posts. :)


The second weekend in November Justin and I found ourselves in Orlando, Florida for a friend's wedding and a trip to Disney World for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival. Of course, with it being Justin's first trip and me being the perfectionist that I am, that prompted a series on the blog about Disney trip planning because (shock and surprise!), it's complicated!

When we got back from Orlando, I had to jump head first into Europe-trip, and Thanksgiving meal planning (for 18!). It was a busy month!


This month we spent lots of time preparing for Europe (hence my week of travel post ideas during Christmas week). I did some looking back in preparation for the new year and considered some of my favorite music, favorite books, and how my finances were doing. While I'm both sad and happy to see 2015 come to a close, I am looking forward to welcoming the new year with friends.

Looking back on 2015, what were some of your favorite moments? Are you excited to begin the new year? … Have you made resolutions yet?!? :)

** I'm participating in Susannah Conway's December Reflections. Are you? Today's post was a response to #27 on the list "2015 Taught Me". :)

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