7 Things to Do In NYC at Christmas Time

Christmas at the Rockefeller Center

This year for Christmas, Justin and I will be going to NYC, Paris, Prague, and Dresden for the holiday season, a personal dream come true! All week I will be sharing ideas for what to do in these places both to help me understand where exactly I'm going as well as provide ideas for anyone else that reads my blog and has plans to travel to these places at Christmas time either this year (you're running out of time!) or any year thereafter!

Today my focus is in NYC, our first stop on a 2 week long vacation. While this summer I came up with a list of must-dos in the city for the warmer parts of the year, I decided that I should approach a trip to NYC in the winter a bit differently. Here are a few ideas I have for things Justin and I can do during our two day duration there.

1. Drink fancy hot chocolate.

In 2014, Fodor's put together a list of the best hot chocolate in America. I'm slowly making my way down the list. I have all of one (!!) hot chocolate shop tried. With 2 shops located in the big (chocolate covered?) apple, why not try them? Plus, it will be cold. Warmth in chocolate form has never struck me as a bad idea. :)

2. Eat delicious chocolate at The Chocolate Bar in Brooklyn or the MarieBelle in Soho.
Because, chocolate. I mean: seriously. :)

3. See the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

The Rockettes scream Christmas in New York City to me! Or maybe they dance Christmas? Either way, it wouldn't be the holidays without them! Another option: The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

Bryant Park decorated for the holidays!

4. Walk along Fifth Avenue to see window displays.

Yes, shopping is fun, but sometimes it's all about the window displays. Having never been to NYC in December, I'm looking forward to seeing how creative shop keepers are during the holiday, especially since store window decorations don't really happen where I live (aside from in the mall which doesn't count).

5. Stay at a Christmasy hotel during the holidays.

This year Justin and I are staying at The Waldorf Astoria, but if I had known about The Lotte maybe we would have stayed there instead. The Peninsula, The Four Seasons, and The Plaza are beautiful (but expensive!) hotels that I would love to stay at during the Christmas season.

6. Take in a service at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

A beautiful church on the outside, I'm certain that mass there would make it feel just as beautiful on the inside (not that it's not already!).

7. Enjoy a Christmas light tour of the city.

The Brooklyn Lights and Cannoli tour seems to be the most famous.

Have I missed anything? Be sure to tell me! Not being from NYC, I'm sure I missed something spectacular!

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  1. I've never been to NYC in the winter so I can't help you with any further recommendations, but it sounds like you have plenty anyway. Enjoy!


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