10 Things to Do in Paris at Christmas Time

No trip to Paris at Christmas would be complete without a walk down Champs Elysees!

Just after Christmas Justin and I are going on a 2 week vacation. To prepare for the trip, I have put together a couple of lists to help aid us in figuring out what to do. Yesterday I shared our must-do list for NYC. Today: Paris.

While going to NYC just after Christmas had definitely been hanging out on my bucket list for quite some time, going to Paris at Christmas time is more like a dream come true. Y'know: that thing you never thought you'd do? ever? But then you get the chance to do it and you cherish every moment? Yeah. That. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. :) Anyway, the following are a list of our must-sees and must-dos during the Christmas season in France.

1. Go in search of the best croissant.

You can start with this list and then move on to baguette seeking next. If a best pastry or bread item exists, it probably exists in France…

2. While there, sip on the some of the finest hot chocolate that exists in the world…

Yes, it's true: I'm going to drink hot chocolate in New York City, but where else could hot chocolate taste more decadent than Paris? Maybe we'll take a trip to Angelina … or Maison du Chocolat? Wherever we go, it's sure to be delicious!

3. Enjoy a service at a catholic church.

Notre Dame would be fantastic, but it's also likely to be filled to the brim since everyone wants to go there. A smaller church might be nice though. You're in Paris and the service is likely to be in French, what could be wrong with that?

Beautiful decor at Galeries Lafayette!

4. Go shopping.

Check out the Christmas markets and see the tree at Galeries Lafayette!! I hear it is beautiful! Also I have to visit Le Bon Marché. I've been there before, but why not go again?

5. Visit Ladurée for a yummy macaron!

Yes, they have amazing macarons all year long (I imagine), but I've never had one! All the more reason to go get a Christmas treat! (Did you see their Christmas movie on their website?)

6. Enjoy the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

This could be done at any time of year, but, to me, Christmastime would be the best time. After all, they decorate the Champs Elysees making the view even more magical, I would imagine.

7. Try Galette des Rois (King cake)!

Other delicious foods to try… Mont d’Or (winter cheese) from La ferme Saint Hubert Fromagerie, roasted chestnuts, Vin Chaud (hot wine), and Bûches de Noël from Pierre Hermé.

8. See a Christmas concert or show.

Justin and I are planning on going to La Sainte Chapelle, but there are plenty of other shows to see in Paris. Of course there is always the Moulin Rouge, the La Bayadère at Opéra national de Paris, concerts at La Madeline, Philharmonie de Paris 2 and music at Notre Dame Cathedral. Basically, take your pick. :)

9. Day-trip to Vaux le Vicomte.

The more popular Palace of Versaille will be crowded and busy, like it is every other day of the year. Instead, make a day trip outside of the city to see the beautiful château that inspired Versaille. As an added bonus, they decorate heavily for Christmas and allow you to take pictures inside! #win!

10. Take a Seine River cruise.

Justin's boss recommended it. Sounds good to me. :)

What do you think? Am I missing anything important? What would you do if you had the opportunity to go to Paris during the Christmas season?

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