Wordless Wednesday – 10/7/15

Venice May 2014


The Lime Life – that post was so much fun to write! And to taste… :)
• Justin showed this image to another photographer to get me some feedback and give me a confidence boost. The guy was really impressed, but, of course, I still see flaws. The nature of the hobby, I guess?
• Thought including videos in my posts was a fun change! I plan on taking more videos in the future.
• Love, love, love the last picture in this post. Not sure about the feet, but the overhead shot of my nephew is so fun! Now if only it had been centered (or off-centered but including the whole crib)…
• Useful how-to post. Read it if you are unfamiliar with Google Flights.
• Pretty happy with how I pulled my 9/11 post together. Sometimes it's really hard to think of new ways to approach a worn-out topic. (And I'm sorry, but 9/11 is a worn out topic, especially on 9/11.)
* Got my camera and lenses cleaned. (They were really dirty.)
* Booked flight and hotel for NYC for Christmas, hotel for night in Savannah to see my brother, and flight to Orlando for a wedding. Next up? Disney tickets! Squee! :)
* Socializing – I did it! Both with people I know and don't. Homeless train jumper and German-speaking cat lady, both. :)

Now, what to improve on?
• Vocabulary. Always. Get a thesaurus? Or use this one. Whichever.
• Write more simply. Focus.
• Write blog posts ahead of time. (ha. Like that's ever going to happen.)
• Maybe come up with word lists that I can refer back to? Like this.
• Read more than 10 pages a day! (Of course I've been really busy lately. Like abnormally busy. Ask Justin.)
• Quit using quotes when I really should be using italics. #badhabit
• Get on top of Europe planning. E-mail friends. Preferably in German, but seriously any language will do. Japanese perhaps? ;)
• The typical: drink more water, move more, listen to more Def Leppard… :)
• Comment on more blogs.

Was September successful for you? What would you like to improve in October?


  1. Some great goals and some wonderful successes. Well done, focusing on the (mostly) positive. That is a hard to master skill, and one most of us lack. Write on.

    1. I try not to focus on the negative. There's too much and it just saddens me. Plus, it's much easier to see what you are doing right to decide how to improve and get more "right" in the future. Don't you think?

  2. I try - really, really hard - to come from a place of not being broken, where I'm constantly trying to "fix" myself, and instead be okay with who and where I am then just try to improve, to learn and grow and challenge myself. Good luck with everything!

    1. Totally agree with everything you said. We don't live in a pinterest perfect world, and all we can strive to do is our "best" whatever that is… So when is that Golden Girls marathon you were talking about? ;)

  3. 'Drink more water'... I should probably do that, but it always tastes better with a flavour ;)
    What a lovely upbeat post, and I love that you spoke to a German speaking cat-lady!

    1. Have you tried sparkling water? … or, even better, flavored sparkling water? Yum! I'm completely fine skipping sprite if I have lime flavored sparkling water! :) (Deerpark and Polar are my favorite.)

  4. September was not as successful as some months, but it wasn't a complete flop either. Looking forward to the rest of October! Congrats on all your successes.

    1. Every month has it's ups and downs. Hopefully your October is better!

  5. September is a blah month for me. I'm fitting back into a school schedule, I feel winter in the air (yes, I don't even enjoy fall) and still mowing amongst all the hanging spiders . Ugh.

  6. September was not fun for me, but I hope October will be better. I think I may need to have some of your goals on my own list: read more, comment more, write (a lot) more, and drink more water :) I hope you do well with reaching your goals this month!


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