Warm Drinks For Cold Weather

Now that fall is upon us, it's time for warm drinks. The following are some of my favorites. :)

1. Let's start with French hot chocolate.

If you've spent your whole life drinking Swiss Miss, you've been missing out.

When Justin and I went to France last year with some friends, they all got espressos and coffees for breakfast. Because I am a fan of neither (aside from the delicious smell!), I got a taste of my first truly French hot chocolate. Thick, creamy, sooooo HOT!! (ouch!), and darrrrrkkkk… It was seriously a combination of bitter and sweet that I have never gotten over. It was far too much for a breakfast drink and I had to pass it on to one of the coffee-lovers. Nevertheless, since I returned to the states, I have been on a search for that sweet, sweet (yet bitter) decadence that I just couldn't drink in France. Funny thing is – here, in the US, bitter/sweet is not really a thing. It's one way or the other. It's Swiss Miss fake chocolate (that I can no longer drink without gagging) or it's something not chocolate at all and very bitter (certain alcoholic beverages come to mind). I haven't made this recipe shared by Erin from Well Plated yet, but I'm looking forward to it. There is nothing better than a pure French hot chocolate and this one has made my to-try list.

2. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Because one hot chocolate type is never enough, I give you a recipe from The Beautiful Mess. If we were going for creamy, bittersweet magnificence in the last recipe, I think we are going for true salty sweet gluttony with this one. Caramel is my mother-in-law's favorite flavor and while she is not a fan of sickeningly sweet chocolate, I think a bittersweet chocolate with a touch of salt would be just up her alley. And I must admit, I wouldn't allow her to drink it alone. Heaven in a cup is what this is. Thankfully, if I make it (or my husband does), there will be enough to go around. :)

3. Now, let's get away from the hot chocolates before I have a coronary. Next up is Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Sauce. (I said I wanted to get away from chocolate not caramel!)


Don't you have a Halloween extravaganza coming up? No…? Oh well. Guess you and your family can enjoy all of that delicious, delicious cider by yourselves. Shame. :)

4. Continuing with the fall theme, how about a Pumpkin Steamer?

It has all of the flavors of autumn and it's warm. I'm not sure I would always be a fan of this pumpkin flavored concoction, but I don't see a problem in giving it a try. Plus, it doesn't have all of the extra calories found in chocolate and caramel, so it's got to be healthier for you, right?

5. If odd flavors aren't your thing, consider the Vanilla Steamer.

This drink in particular is great for kids. Y'know the ones who are like "I don't want that because it's different!" Well, this drink isn't all that different. Vanilla + hot, frothed milk.

What's that? You don't know how to froth milk?

You've come to the right place!

Take this thing:

Slide the switch to "on" while the spring looking thing is immersed in a cup of warm milk  for a few seconds and BAM! Done! Just like that you have frothed milk! And it's super-easy to clean too! Just spin it in a cup of soapy water.

I am so glad I am now the proud owner of a milk frother with which I can make all of my delicious fall and winter treats.

What are some of your favorite fall and winter drinks? Do you have an exciting milk frother to give those drinks an edge?

* I received the milk frother in this blog post at a discount in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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