October 2015 Finance Report

Just realized I did not do a financial/budget report for September. Oops.

Let me be honest with you. – It's hard.

When I began writing about our finances, it was to keep us on track. We were doing good … or at least I thought we were. We were paying down student loans (which I hate!), we weren't getting into too much more debt, and although slow, progress was evident. Then we were forced to move from our home, buy a new vehicle, and travel to Europe within a 3 month timespan. Ouch. But we turned that around. We paid off the vehicle, got our interest rates down, and we were back to working on our goals of building an emergency fund and paying down our debt with the ultimate goal of saving for a house in our future.  As of August, I was feeling pretty good about our finances.

Then, my car broke down 3 times in one month. Three. So we bought a new(er) car.

Maybe we should have gone for a cheaper car?

… Then again, we were short on time (limited to a weekend) and I was depressed. We ended up just buying the first thing I somewhat liked.

Either way, we found ourselves back in the same financial position we were in in October 2014 … which is the same place we were at in December 2013. Argh. Forty thousand dollars of payback over two years and we are full circle back to where we started. (Note: The car we bought was not $40,000!) Needless to say, it's frustrating beyond belief. Some days I wonder if we will ever have our loans fully paid off.

Anyway, #endrant. Here's where we stand today, which may be better or worse off tomorrow, next month, or next year… We'll see.

Spending – Honestly, this makes me mad and I blame Mint. I really should find new software, which I've said every month for the past few months, but I have to work with my husband to set up new software which is a hassle when you are short on time most of the time anyway. Point being: we spent too much last month. I've been comparing to the month before rather than my 2014 stats like I had been doing in early 2015. Comparing to 2014 keeps me on track; comparing to 2015 does not. :( Does anybody out there have a suggestion for a company to transfer to? I usually don't mind doing research, but giving our financial information to all of the companies seems like a bad idea. I just want a good comparison feature! Can I please just have that?

Net Income – We are currently saving approximately $400 less a month this year than we did last. And this isn't even completely accurate since our car loan isn't included in this equation. *sigh* But it does include our $7000 car down payment, so that minimizes the difference a bit, I think. Also, it must be further stated that my husband and I are currently bringing in less money than we did last year at this time. Not sure if it's because we have more going into the stock market or if I am simply making less. It could be both…

Net worth – Assets are down; debts are up. In conclusion, our net worth makes me unhappy.


• Stocks are down 3.37%
• Projected credit card payoff is May 2016.
• Projected loan payoff is Feb 2023. (Three years later than it was in July.)
• Justin and I both have really good credit scores! Yay!

I'd like to end on a happy note and say that, despite my ranting, I am so grateful for every experience and every person in my life. I am lucky to have the friends and family I have and to lead the life I do. No amount of money (positive or negative) will ever change that.

How are you doing with your 2015 financial goals?  Do you ever get frustrated with paying off debt like I do? Do you know of any websites that do finances better than Mint?

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