Autumn Edition: Movie Monday!

Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of getting to see some awesome and not-so-awesome movies. It's been fun and it helps me to feel a little more in the loop when discussions of pop culture come up among Justin's and my friend group. The following are the 3 movies I've seen most recently, my review, and whether or not I recommend them…

The Intern

When I saw a preview for The Intern, I was excited. A Nancy Meyers comedy with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway and newcomer (in my experience, anyway) Adam DeVine. There are definitely days when I want to see a light, humorous comedy to break up the drama that can be life.

The story begins when a fashion forward e-commerce company agrees to train seniors as part of a community outreach program. A retired executive, 70-year-old Ben Whitaker is one of many applicants after he decides retirement is boring. Jules Ostin is the hard-working CEO of About the Fit, and the person assigned to train Ben. When she initially brings him into her office, she informs him that she will e-mail him when she needs something done. Patiently waiting for days on end, Ben discovers other ways to help out around the office including cleaning up a table that Jules has on her to-do list. Finally, he makes an impression on Jules and she agrees to let him help her. His assistance starts off slow as he does small things like chauffeuring her to various events, but over time her world opens up to him; he meets her family and even goes so far as to break into her mother's house to protect Jules from having an embarrassing e-mail read by her mom. Truthfully, the shenanigans in the movie are a little bit over the top, but Jules and Ben form a close friendship that is sweet to watch as they help one another discover what it is they are most looking for in life.

If you want a plot that is easy to follow and doesn't really go anywhere, this is the movie for you. Otherwise, for comedy I recommend one of Nancy Meyer's other films … or any other film for that matter. As for a De Niro or Hathaway movie? Well, let's just say there are better options for both of those too. This movie is The Devil Wears Prada done opposite. For that matter, just go see The Devil Wears Prada; it's much better on all levels. Don't even bother with The Intern unless you are bored. In my opinion, it's not worth it. (#SorryNotSorry)

The Martian

Love. Faith. Science. :)

Botanist, Mark Watney is left on Mars when a horrific storm causes an antenna to come lose and knock him unconscious as his team boards the space shuttle for their return to earth. Unable to see in the weather but with all indications suggesting that he is dead, the crew depart the planet mourning the loss of their teammate. Meanwhile, hours later, Mark Watney awakens finding himself stranded and alone on a planet with only enough supplies to get him through 30 days. It will take 4 years for NASA to return to Mars and, worst of all, he doesn't have any way to get in touch with NASA to let them know he is alive. Through a death-defying journey, Watney enjoys upbeat music like Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" and Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around" as he "science[s] the sh*t" out of his environment for survival purposes. The combination of the music and Watney's attitude, despite his perilous experience, take this film from a gripping adventure to something a little more pleasant and uplifting.

The Martian is particularly great for science fanatics, Ridley Scott adorers, Matt Damon enthusiasts, or if you just want to see a good, fun movie. I do not recommend it if you are looking for dark, and possibly twisted, science fiction; instead check out Interstellar, which is also amazing, but on a totally different level. So – The Martian. Interstellar. See them. <3.

(Sidenote: I enjoyed The Martian so much that I just ordered the book.)

The Walk

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Walk is a historical retelling of Philippe Petit's famous walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center on August 7, 1974. The story is told from Philippe's perspective as he stands atop the Statue of Liberty. It begins one year earlier when Philippe is trying to make a living as a street performer in Paris with wire walking and juggling acts. He practices after hours at the circus big top and makes plans (and dreams) for walking between the twin towers after seeing the buildings in the newspaper. Eventually he is discovered by Papa Rudy who helps him pull together his first real event – of which he fails at and ends up falling into a lake. To redeem himself, he walks a rope tied onto the Notre Dame Cathedral and succeeds! But is ultimately arrested… Finally he gathers the courage to take his act to New York City where he spends days (and weeks) researching the area, studying every crook and cranny, and collecting accomplices to help him before the big day. Will he be able to pull off the walk? (I think you know the answer.)

While not quite French, I really enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt's portrayal of Philippe Petit. The story was charming and fun. It was filled with hopes and dreams and the people that helped make one man's wish come true. It wasn't incredibly funny nor was it terribly dramatic. It was just good and not in the way of "I have to see it again and own it on DVD!" – because, honestly, very few movies make that cut – but just good. I did not see it in 3D, but I imagine it would be that much better in 3D. The views from atop of the World Trade Centers were incredible! And beautiful! I recommend seeing this if you have free time on your hands; it's worth at least one viewing.

So what movies have you seen lately? Anything good? The next movie I'm hoping to see is the new Tom Hanks' movie Bridge of Spies. Have you seen it yet? Share! I'd love to hear about other good movies I may not know about. Do you know of anything that is in the theatre horizon?

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