Harry Connick, Jr. – That Would Be Me Review

After coming off of a 60s music high (Is anyone looking forward to the 70s? *squee!*), I've jumped straight into Harry Connick Jr.'s new album That Would Be Me.

I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled to be reviewing this album. I mean my first thought was … Isn't Harry Connick Jr. just another Michael Bublé type artist with jazz style covers? Surprisingly, while the new album definitely has a jazz flair, I was shocked to discover that whoever this Connick, Jr. guy was that I was remembering from a few years ago is not at all who he is now. And that makes sense, because Connick, Jr. has been out of the spotlight since his last album's release in 2013. 

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of record store owners, Connick, Jr. started learning the keyboard at age 3, performing publicly at age 5, and recording with a local jazz band at age 10. Needless to say, music has been a part of his soul since birth. By the time he entered college, Columbia Records thought he was good enough to sign and sign him they did with his first record coming out soon after entitled Harry Connick Junior. The artist has only been growing and changing since as he went from instrumental artist to singer gaining awards all along the way.

For the production of That Would Be Me, Connick stepped out of his comfort zone working with producers Eg White (Sam Smith, Adele, Florence And The Machine), and Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink, Weezer, Fall Out Boy). While it may seem like those styles would clash greatly, in the end what has come together is more of an engaging album "full of surprises and stirring musical conjurations" that encourages dancing and fun.

There are so many unique and different sounds on the album. The upbeat "(Like It When You) Smile" is catchy and invigorating. This is followed up by the lovely and inspiring "Do Like We Do" written by someone who attended high school with Connick, Jr. years ago.

Just give the album a listen… I don't think you will regret it!

Order That Would Be Me on itunes or amazon, and find out more about Harry Connick, Jr. on facebook, twitter, or his website.

* I participated in the That Would Be Me album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

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