Summer Sales

One of the best things about my birthday is that it occurs nearly 6 months after (or before) Christmas. That means that some of my favorite stores begin having "Christmas in July" sales … right after their 4th of July sales, of course. So, while I'm stocking up on goodies with the money I receive from my birthday, I'm also getting some of the best deals of the season! Talk about winning! :)

While the BIG sales have not yet hit any of my favorite stores, I did notice that Anthropologie has started lowering prices with their mid-year tag sale. This had me wondering: what other stores were starting the discounts early? As you may well know, it may be worth it to buy some things before they hit their lowest price and ask for a discount later when they do reach their lowest price so that you are guaranteed to have your favorites…

Anyway, I spent about an hour scouring my favorite online shops for a few favorite sale picks and the following are what I've found…

Wildflower Rabbit

This is the perfect reason to shop early! I found this bunny last week and bought it initially for my nephew (before noticing the super-obvious can't-believe-I-missed-it, I-must-be-oblivious pink flowers on the feet and in the ears). Anyway, beyond being one of the cutest stuffed animals ever that seriously makes you go "awww" when you hold it in your hands, it is now out of stock online. I saw a huge box full at my local Anthropoligie in Atlanta, so if you want to get your hands on it, be sure to give them a call. :) As for the fate of my bunny? I found someone else to give him/her/it too.

sidenote: If you ever realize you've purchased the wrong stuffed animal by mistake, ALWAYS call and cancel right away! It's simply too difficult to cancel after you've received it and held it's softness in your hands! :) (I guess it's kind of like going to the animal shelter and seeing kittens and puppies available! You just can't say no! Unless you are Justin… but he's just mean.)

Kora Dress

I admit it. I love this dress and I know absolutely nothing about it except that I probably have too many curves for it and it's sold out in my size online. :( The color is nice, and the pockets look awesome! I'd definitely try it if it came back in stock…

Beaded Hibiscus Gown (Tracy Reese)

Also out of stock in my size, I actually saw this dress a few weeks back when it was at full price at the Lenox Mall Atlanta store location. Justin pointed it out. We were in a hurry so I didn't try it on, but I remarked how much it looked like a princess's dress. It was so light and airy … and super long when I held it up to me. It would definitely need to be tailored. I told Justin that maybe when it went on sale I'd buy it. I just didn't realize the sale price would be $300+… Maybe if it goes on sale some more? #INeedABallToAttend!

Miss Albright Petra Heels

Cute summer shoes ftw? I'd totally buy them except that I'd most likely trip all over myself in them. Platforms + me ≠ get along. Been there, done that. Totally fell down a bunch of concrete steps last time I wore platform sandals and got scraped up pretty bad. Blood for days… Or at least it seemed like it. :( My feet belong on the floor at all times … unless I'm wearing heels, but that's a different story…

Painted Petal Robe

There are a few color variations of this robe on BHLDN but the blue is my favorite. This looks super comfortable for lounging around in or perhaps it would work as kimono to wear with a dress or beachwear? Don't take my word for it though, since I haven't actually tried one…

Parlor Slingbacks

I fell in love with these a million and a half years ago and BHLDN finally has my size! Squee! Only they are gold instead of my go-to silver. Do I have anything to wear with them? Nobody buy them while I search my closet for the perfect outfit to wear with these! ;)

Love Sadie Crochet-Trim Trapeze Dress

I was originally looking at this dress to wear under my Free People One Emily Lace Dress, but I think it could be a cute beach dress to wear on it's own. Light and casual for the hot weather, but with a little bit of fringe at the bottom to provide flair and excitement to the wardrobe. And at a low price of $39, why not?

Do you follow summer sales to get good prices mid-year?

* Blog post prompt ROY G. BIV provided by Blogging101. (Sorry I'm missing a few colors…)

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