Fashion Friday: More Summer Sales

So guess what?

Not only did I manage to snag the very LAST PAIR of those awesome BHLDN shoes from my last fashion post, but Anthropologie is now offering 20% off all of their sale items if you use coupon code SALEAWAY at check out. Unfortunately everything I liked was too expensive and sold out almost immediately, but I was able to get the discount on all of the things I purchased last week. $5 back on the credit card! :) (It's the little things in life that make me happy…)

As if that weren't enough I started looking at other stores as well… Did you know that Free People is ALSO offering a sale? Not just any sale though … a sale on top of a sale. Both in stores and online, without a code, you can get an additional 25% off all sale items. Plus, if you buy $100 worth of anything online, you get free shipping! I've got one item in my basket, but I'm still trying to decide if it's worth it… I've spent a lot of money this month, and I'd really rather pay down debts. But then again I never seem to have enough clothes? #DecisionsDecisions

Rather than remind you of all of the delicious things at the Urban Outfitter branded stores, I decided to take a look at ChicWish and JShoppers to see what their sales looked like…

Here's what I found:

Where did they come up with that name? I would have called it something like "Summer Cherry Dreams" or "Dripping in Cherries" … "50s A'la Mode?". (Because y'know… cherries go on top of ice cream? Eh! Maybe that's a bit far-fetched!)

Anyway, this dress looks very vintage-fun and cherries are awesome. Plus red. Isn't red the happiest of colors?

If you attempt to buy it at ChicWish, be sure to sign in for an extra 30% off if you intend on ordering $60 or more. :)

Delicate Hand-knit Fringe Cape in Red

Ever have one of those moments when you think to yourself I was born during the wrong time period? When I see this poncho, and others like it, I immediately have that feeling. Why were the clothes between the 50s and 70s so much better?! But then again, this is the two thousand teens and we have styles from all of the time periods, so isn't that awesome?

This red poncho definitely makes me think of the pink one I bought from Anthropologie back at Christmas time. It's quite possibly one of my favorite things to wear. You don't have to worry about it falling off of your shoulders as you move about, and it keeps you nice and warm! #win

If red isn't your color, they also have black and off-white. As for me, I'd definitely love to own it in any color! :)

New Swan Stone Castle Pleated Midi Skirt

When I saw this skirt for the first time today, it made me laugh. Isn't that the Neuschwanstein Castle? I thought to myself. I'm a little bit slow even with a basic knowledge of German vocabulary and I must admit it took me a second to actually think about how the castle name had been translated to English. That was definitely a blond moment if ever I were to have one (being brunette and all…).

I'm not so sure that I would ever consider wearing this, but I had to share it since I have a picture that is very similar to what is on that skirt! (And so does everyone else who has ever visited the castle, I'm sure!) The question comes down to: why didn't I think of printing my image on a skirt and selling it for $48+? Ask yourself that next time you take a picture of a castle! You could be rich! :)

Coffee Belted Twill Skater Skirt

See? I told you I was born during the wrong time period!! :) But seriously – who doesn't love twill? Or maybe it's just me after all… If you take a look at the customer image on the page, the girl's outfit totally reminds me of the school outfit Zooey Deschanel wore in her music video In the Sun; don't you agree?

Striped Flared Shirt Dress

I'm not sure why shirt dresses are so popular recently. Honestly, I really don't like them … except for this one. Maybe it was the purple? Or the gigantic bow? It's possible I just like the purse… What do you think? Are you a fan of shirt dresses?

Have any of your favorite stores begun rolling out summer discounts yet? Will you be taking advantage of any of the sales or finds I've shared today?

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