Classy Clothing Friday

I love Zoey Deschanel's dress in this music video!

Somewhere between yesterday's Anthropologie sale announcement and today's blog post readings I decided that perhaps I should review some awesome clothing that is currently available in stores. Y'know… because it's "Fashion Friday" and all. :) Perhaps this will be beneficial for all of you that are still out Easter clothing shopping? … The following are a list of jewel toned clothing pieces that I just love and I know you will too.

Honestly, I'm a little bit obsessed with lace and this dress is no exception. At a cost of only $29.95 though, who wouldn't be? This Oh My Love Embroidered Lace Deep V Dress can be found at Urban Outfitters … until everyone who reads my blog post runs out and buys them. Get 'em while they're hot! :)

I told you I was obsessed with lace! Modcloth offers this kind of vintage-looking Adrift on A Cloud dress in both emerald and ivory. It looks like plenty of lovely ladies have chosen to wear this style for their wedding, which is not surprising. Change up the sash on the ivory version and you could wear a plethora of colors with it for Easter, a wedding, or any other event you need a dress for!

If you are one of those people who is thinking "do I have to dress up on my day off?" you might want to consider Free People's Hearts of Gold Dress. Relaxed and casual yet still a dress, this may be the perfect comfortable outfit to wear to the in-laws for Easter lunch.

Need a cute and casual dress that is also work appropriate? Try the Tadashi Shoji Lace Detail Fit & Flare Dress. It comes in a fun yet different color that is sure to turn heads.

This Anthropologie Morning Petals cardigan could look awesome with a gorgeous dress, a skirt combination, or even be used to dress up a pair of cute laid back jeans.

Too dressy for a casual affair, I couldn't not include the Adrianna Papell Floral Jacquard A-Line Gown. It's simply gorgeous and I can only dream of having an event to wear this to…

The model looks a little funny in this Eliza J Lace Tulip Dress, but nevertheless, the dress totally looks like something Princess Kate would wear.

Another turquoise piece? *shrugs* I can't help it. I do love turquoise. This one is available at Free People and is called the Eyes on You Slip. I'm willing to bet if you wear this, all eyes will be on you… What do you think?

Have you completed your Easter clothing shopping yet? Will you be considering any of the outfit ideas I've written about today?

Wishing all of my readers a fantastic Good Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend!

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  1. Hello! I'm here from A to Z. I love that blue dress from Urban Outfitters. I have an autism benefit to attend next week, and the color symbol for autism is blue. I may have to go to Urban Outfitters to find this dress!

    Precious Monsters

    1. So glad you found a dress suitable for the occasion! That dress is so cute and such a great price (imho)!

  2. I do like your taste and lace really does look great in jewel tones. Not a huge fan of the gown but the pockets make it a winner - There just aren't enough pockets in women's clothing.
    happy #atozchallenge
    Reflex Reactions

    1. You aren't kidding! I love dresses with pockets. But I also hate carrying a purse … so there's that. :)

  3. While my husband wore a lovely suit and tie to church, I must confess I schlepped it in baggy cargo pants and a fleece jacket. Totally shameful, but it was snowing. One of these days, I will get a dress. The ones on the blog do look great on the models.

    1. It was snowing! You had an excuse! Next time you'll dress up – I'm sure of it! :)


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