5 April A-Z Favorites So Far…

With nearly 2,000 participants in the 2015 April A-Z challenge, I have been reading upwards of 10 blogs a day. I basically scroll down the list and randomly click – I don't even look at the blog title or, if mentioned, topic. Some days I just want to comment on everyone's blog posts that I read(!!), and some days I find that I am simply not that interested. It makes perfect sense. Some people like reading fiction while others prefer non-fiction. Some people like cats while others like dogs. Not everyone is going to write something I like or agree with, and that's ok. The following 5 blogs are ones that have stood out to me this year and have since been added to my blog reader. I look forward to discovering more blogs along the way though…

1. Forty C'est Fantastique!

I've only been to France once – last year. It was totally amazing, and there was very little about it that I didn't love. From the food to the company … Argh. Maybe it was the food and company that I loved best. I can't really remember falling in love with the Louvre (oh! My feet!) or the Eiffel Tower (those 700-something steps!), but I did love spending time with friends and family…

I digress!

Forty C'est Fantastique brings back all of those memories and more as the authoress discusses her adventures in France and her experience learning the French language. She writes in both French and English while offering plenty of suggestions and recommendations for those visiting France and/or attempting to learn the language. I look forward to following her in her journey and perhaps learning a bit of le français along the way!

2. The Newest Vasquez

One of the most inventive themes I've seen yet has been this blogger's tribute to the amazing New York City and inclusion of gorgeous Instagram images along the way. Seriously, her posts are wonderfully written and I love that she is promoting other's work. I don't know when I'll return to my favorite east coast city, but I'm sure that these blog posts will inspire me to make that trip sooner than I had anticipated.

3. An American in Basel

Ok – I admit it. I might be a bit obsessed with travel/people who live in different places than I do. In the case of this bloggeress, she and her family have just moved to Switzerland from the US. Having never experienced this type of move myself, I can only imagine what it's like. It's fun reading about their experiences and all they are having to get used to through her blog.

4. Cobbie's World

An oldie but goodie, I started following Tom Macinnes' blog last year during April A-Z. While he remained mostly quiet throughout the rest of the year, when April A-Z started, his blog sprung to life as he recounted the closing of the school he taught at last year and all the changes that brought for him. A teacher in a low income school district in Canada, I always find his posts encouraging and inspirational.

5. D.G. Hudson - Rainforest Writing

With plans to return to France in the future, the next best thing for creating a list of "must-dos" and "must-sees" using pinterest is following D.G.Hudson's April A-Z list. Every day new facts are shared and I find myself adding to my every-lengthening list. If you ever hope to visit France in the future, I highly recommend following this blog, at least until A-Z ends…

While I know that five picks are only the tip of the iceberg, and that there are soo many more awesome bloggers posting in the April A-Z challenge, I hope you enjoyed seeing the first few that I have chosen to spotlight. I can't wait to continue growing my RSS feed as the challenge continues!

What fantastic new blogs have you discovered recently?

** Participate in the A-Z blogging challenge with me! You know you want to! :)


  1. Have been grimly trying to keep up with the challenge. Have found some great blogs despite the fact that housework, looking after an invalid husband and trying to finish my next children's book keeps getting in the way :0)

  2. I mostly choose which blogs to visit the same way. Some days I seem to land on nothing but blogs I want to read off and comment on everything. Other days it seems to be mostly blogs that just aren't for me. It's nice with the A to Z Challenge that there seems to be something for everyone.

  3. I'm doing exactly what you are-letting my fickle finger of fate find interesting (or not) blogs. Sometimes I only stay a moment because it is too hectic looking or because the reader is into something I am not ( zombies, vampires, proselytizing their religion or mummy blogs would all fall into this category). Sometimes I'm totally delighted. Today I found a great post about a long dead mother and a garden -interesting, touching without mawkishness and well written. Score! I liked your post too and I will go to some of the sites you mention here as well as come back and see what else you've got! Thanks...sorry I can't remember the name of the site I went to but I'll find it again and let you know.

    1. Thanks for offering to come back and share the blog you liked. I'll definitely check it out when you let me know. :)

      I think this approach of being haphazard about which blogs to visit is pretty fun. I'm always surprised by which blogs I like, because you really can't base your opinion of a blog on it's title … or even theme. By randomly clicking, I'm not even taking those things into consideration; all I'm thinking about is the writing (and pictures). And honestly, when it comes down to it, I think that's really all that should be important anyway. :)


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