Places Worth Traveling To

image from Justin in SD

Or so the number of visitors suggest…

Having only recently gotten swept up into the world of traveling, I was excited to see Travel & Leisure's list of the World's Most-Visited Tourist Attractions originally posted by Michael W Travels. Given his short list of locations, I wondered how many places on the list I had travelled – zero? twenty? Well, as it turns out my list was pretty short ending at eleven places with two of them being places I've only seen from the outside and haven't actually gone into; do those count?

Without further ado, here is my list:

No. 3 Times Square, NYC
No. 4 (tie) Central Park, NYC
No. 12 Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL
No. 19 Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (we saw it; does that count?)
No. 24 Epcot, WDW in Lake Buena Vista, FL
No. 27 Sacré Coeur Basilica, Paris
No. 29 Disney's Animal Kingdom, WDW in Lake Buena Vista, FL
No. 30 Disney's Hollywood Studios, WDW in Lake Buena Vista, FL
No. 35 Musée du Lourve, Paris
No. 40 (tie) Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, WDC
No. 43 Palace of Versailles, France (Once again… saw it; does that count?)

It would seem that I got most of my list knocked out as a child living within 7 hours of WDW in Florida. What do those children do that don't live so close?!? How do they survive childhood without getting Mickey's autograph, riding all of the rides, and overpaying for food at the theme parks? A tragedy, I'm sure!

How many places on Travel & Leisure's list have you been to? 

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