My Wish List For This Black Friday…

Clothing Wants:
• Taylor Swift's Dolce & Gabbana floral nude dress from her new music video, Blank Space.
Bobble Poncho from Anthropologie
• Oscar de la Renta Lame Bow Embroidered Tulle Dress
Glinted Taffeta Midi Dress from Anthropologie

Expensive Wants:
• a new car
• an ipad
• an iphone
• a Macbook Pro

Life Wants:
• more money (ALL of the $$)
• more travel
• more art (on my walls and being created by me)
• more music … and let's add books and movies to this list too. :)

Desires For You:
• more fun
• more peace
• more love
• more happiness

What are you wanting this holiday season?

* Day 20 of November Blogathon.
** Note: I do not condone what Taylor Swift does to her boyfriend in this video … or any of her songs really.  I just like the dresses. :)

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