Remembering: Last year at this time and how preparing for Christmas was so different from how it is this year…

Giggling About: Hannah Hart's videos, especially 28 Things About Being 28 and her venture into Melbourne, Australia.

"What's up with 'Emu, etc…'. Don't we have a right to know what's in our meat? Ironic coming from an American." :)

Planning: Thanksgiving – We are doing something entirely different this year and traveling to the north Georgia mountains with food in tow to see my grandparents and spend Thanksgiving with them. I'm trying to help Justin come up with unique dishes that will make this Thanksgiving different and better (as far as food) than last. I would really love to see more seasonal foods added to our meal plan than we've done before.

Anxiously Awaiting: all of the giveaways coming up including products from Schick, Hidden Valley, and Zep.

Interested to know: if I will like the numerous products I will be reviewing soon including Luke Barr's Provence 1970, Steven Brown's Glitterville's Handmade Christmas, Mary J. Blige's The London Sessions, and Indina Menzel's Holiday Wishes.

Baking: Alton Brown's chocolate chip cookies with butterscotch in them instead of chocolate chips. Yum! (Be sure to have a FULL glass of milk on hand. These cookies are super sweet!)

Keeping A Secret: Who isn't keeping a secret at this time of year? We've already bought so many gifts and we just have to keep it all "under wraps" until Christmas. :)

DIYing: nothing. I'm lazy. I'd rather spend my time photoshopping. But I guess I need to get busy thinking of a creative Christmas card to send out. Last year, at this time, I already knew what my plan was. This year … not so much. Pinterest to the rescue?

What are your 'currentlys'? Are you doing anything exciting? Perhaps preparing for the upcoming holiday season by chance?

** Day 12 of November Blogathon.

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  1. I decided to steal this little survey from you, and answer it on my blog!


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