Augsburg, Germany - Intercity Hotel

image from Werner Kunz

Destination: Augsburg (but really we were traveling to Munich)
Date: May 2014
Hotel: Intercity Hotel
Brand: SHG (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
Status: none (Can you get status with this hotel chain?)
# of travelers: 4 (2 couples) in 2 rooms

Hotel & Brand – Making the Decision

Justin and I aren't very familiar with Germany, but we were willing to get more acquainted with the country (and more specifically, southern Germany) to not have to pay the high hotel prices in Munich when an event was going on. (I can't recall exactly what the prices were but I believe they were within the vicinity of approximately $500 a night. Far too much for this frugal blogger… especially if you aren't getting an amazing view, 5 star hotel, and buffet brunch out of the deal.) Instead Justin and I took a step back and let our German friends take charge of this hotel booking. They suggested staying outside of Munich and taking the train in, a plan not unsurprising to Americans who had heard that the train was the main way to get around Europe.

Getting There

We drove. Shocking, right? We parked in a parking garage not too far from the hotel and dragged our luggage through the city streets cutting off pedestrians as they were forced to zigzag around us and our gigantic bags.

Given that we took the train to Munich while we were there, I can confidently say that the hotel was close enough to a train station to make any foreign traveler content.

I would not be surprised if other methods of transportation were available as well, but I did not take advantage of any of them.


We didn't really explore Augsburg too heavily. The hotel and area mostly served as a location to rest after a crazy day in Munich. If you are looking for train access to Munich without actually staying inside the city, this is a great alternative. You can get drunk, shop to your heart's content, enjoy the festivals, and do whatever else you want to do in Munich, then enjoy the trip back, getting to rest and not having to worry too much about who is driving you home.

Hotel Room, Disability Access, Amenities, Staff, & Price

from TripAdvisor

The hotel room at the Intercity Hotel was my first real experience at a European hotel. Previously Justin and I had stayed at an American chain followed by an AirBnb. I had read about the differences in (south) German bedding, but I had never actually seen it until we got to this hotel chain. Then you had the single beds of which, being an American, I've never really experienced. For nearly my entire life (from the time I was out of the crib), I have had a queen size bed with a comforter or duvet that is much larger than the mattress itself. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a single bed or that it is even awkward for a hotel chain to offer single beds in Europe, but it is awkward for a first-time traveler to Europe who has only seen the American style of hotel rooms with double beds for single people to, for the first time, see a hotel chain offer single beds for single people. :)

from TripAdvisor

That was not my only surprise at the Intercity hotel chain though. The other big surprise was the lack of air conditioning in the room. Being a southerner, my first thoughts are: how can you live like that?!?!?! When Justin and I traveled up to Boston and stayed at a home we rented through AirBnb without ac during the middle of a heatwave in Boston, I about died. (Exaggeration, there.) It was absolutely miserable. I can only hope that the city of Augsburg does not experience 100ºF days, because if they do, I feel soooooo sorry for them. All the room had, that we stayed in, were these tiny little fans that made sooooo much noise and kept you up all night. Like, even a ceiling fan would have been better! However, clearly this Intercity Hotel makes enough money to stay in business and if they can do business without upping their bills providing customers with air conditioning, then more power to them. ;)

Aside from the beds and lack of air conditioning, the room was adequate but small (although not as small as Hotel Belvedere). We were able to walk around one another without falling over and there was plenty of room for our luggage on a luggage stand. Even the bathroom was a pretty standard size compared to the room. This was definitely not an American chain with super-sized everything, but it was definitely not inadequate given that it was a European chain hotel located within a city.

Up until the last hotel, I had never really considered disability accessibility as a real issue for hotels which is why I'm bringing it up with this hotel (and will continue talking about it with future reviews). The Intercity Hotel, from what I could see, was definitely disability-friendly providing elevators that could easily be accessed and allowed for easy access to rooms and the lobby. Of course, my judgement is based on my abilities as a non-disabled person, and it is possible that someone with disabilities may experience more problems than I might even notice.


We did not have any issues with the staff. We were able to check-in and check-out in a timely manner, and they spoke English which is always a perk when you are visiting a foreign country. The price, like the hotel, was perfectly adequate and unsurprising. We didn't get food or drink out of the deal nor did we get status upgrades or any other perks for existing, but we did have a place to stay overnight that was clean and bug free.

Unlike some of the previous hotels we stayed out, this hotel did not provide much of a view that I can recall. You received a city view with your room. Shock and surprise, right? Tripadvisor reviewers recommend staying in an upper room at the back of the hotel for a better view and less noise.

Overall Review

★★ (below average)

Nothing in particular stood out about this hotel, and I can only see myself returning to it (or other hotels in the chain) if other hotels in the location I wanted to travel to were priced much too high. The hotel, by all means, was not at all a bad hotel. In fact, I could see many travelers being quite happy with it; it provides exactly what you need at an accessible price making it easier and cheaper to travel without paying for all of the "bells and whistles" provided to you by other hotels. (In other words, this seems to be a very German hotel* wherein you don't pay for extras that you don't need. Simplicity is king.)

While I might give this hotel 3 stars (average) from a perspective that this a European hotel and European hotels are definitely different and smaller than American hotels, I am rating based on the American standards (and chains) that I grew up with and tend to prefer. With a 2 star rating, I would compare this hotel to an Econolodge or Best Western without the breakfast. It is one of those simple, cheap hotels you stay in when you are under the impression that you are paying for a "room" rather than an "experience" and the chance to feel like royalty, which are two very different ways to look at hotels. And, obviously, everyone has their own perspective when it comes to overnight stays. My reviews are clearly just my perspective.

Your Turn

Have you ever stayed at an Intercity Hotel in Europe? Based on my description, what American-style hotels would you compare this one to? Which perspective do you take when booking hotels? Do you feel uncomfortable when staying in fancier hotels? Or do you miss the luxuries of fancy hotels when staying at cheaper ones? Is there anything else I can tell you about this hotel to help make your decision process easier if you are considering staying here?

* I am not German, and so I say this from an American point of view based on what I've been told about Germans … which isn't very much. I blame Youtube for this stereotype and any opinions I have on the subject. ;)

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