Urban Outfitters July 4th Sale

After a difficult weekend, Justin decided to take me shopping. We weren't really going to spend money; we were actually going to just browse and get out of the house for a bit.

Randomly, I decided to glance through Anthropologie's sister-store Urban Outfitters. It had been years since I walked through the store with my last purchase there being in 2011. I often find the clothes there to be for a younger audience than myself and more cheaply made and less feminine/girly than I like. I decided to give the store a chance anyway since all clearance items had been marked down by 50%. I was surprised by the prettiness that I saw and the good prices even if I only bought one piece.

I didn't see the Lucca Couture Floral Babydoll Dress in any stores that I went to, but I think the dress is adorable. It looks cool and comfortable for a hot summer day and reviews suggest that it is soft. The price of $29.99 is even reasonable and comparable to what you can find at cheaper clothing stores. The main issue I see in the reviews of this dress is that it shrunk. :-/ As cute and pretty as this dress is, I think it may be best (for me) to admire it from afar.

I didn't try the Kimchi Blue Daisy Strap Dress on in stores, but I was enamored by the cute daisy chain straps on it. They absolutely make the dress. This dress is very thin, very light, and very soft. The straps look delicate and like they may break easily. Also, I was a bit worried about wrinkling.

When I saw the Kimchi Blue Bow-Back Romper hanging on the hanger in the sale section, I just had to try it on. What a disappointment! The romper looked like a dress when hanging on the hanger, but it quickly became apparent to me that it was in fact a romper. *sigh* Rompers are not my style at all. I tried on the medium and it fit very well being far too clingy and short for my comfort.

I did not try the Kimchi Blue Lace Halter Mini Dress on despite my strong desire to. I knew the v-neck would not work for me, and after seeing it on the model I'm glad I didn't try this dress on. The dress was soft and the lace detailing was gorgeous. It looked like the perfect dress for attending a wedding or going to a nice party. Priced at $19.99, the white version could even be worn as a less elaborate wedding dress.

The very similar Pins and Needles Surplice Skater Dress was not available in stores, but it looks like a prettier, less lacey version of the dress above. I will most likely not be ordering, because I tend to find the shorter "skater" dresses are often too short for me. The dress seems lovely though.

And finally we get to the one dress I couldn't say no to: the Betsey Johnson Vintage for UO Courtney Lace dress. Let me just say that this dress looks WAY better in person than it does on the model. It's a bit of a low cut dress, but, despite how conservative I am, I did not find the dress to be so incredibly low cut that I was uncomfortable walking around in public in this dress. Also, this dress has pockets!!! How cool is that? And it's a Betsey Johnson dress for $29! Most Betsey Johnson dresses are upwards of $100! The dress is lined with a slip underneath and it's a bit stretchy. I tried on the xs and it fit perfectly emphasizing the parts of my body that I like the most and minimizing the parts I liked the least. I sincerely hope I get to see more Betsey Johnson dresses at Urban Outfitters in the future; this dress was such a fun find after a pretty ho-hum experience.

Did you go shopping over the holiday weekend? Would a Betsey Johnson line at Urban Outfitters intrigue you enough to shop there more often?

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