A Sunday of French Cooking

In anticipation of my birthday, I had Justin make a full out French meal for me on Sunday. It was lovely and delicious … and super fun having him squint and use his translator app to get past the French verbs we weren't familiar with in the French cookbooks we brought back from France.

Grands Classiques

Justin made French green beans, seasoned chicken (neither of which required a cookbook) and Gnocchis a la parisienne (the recipe of which is in the above cookbook) for dinner. Obviously he got the non-recipe things perfect, but the homemade noodles tasted a bit like mush. It would seem that perhaps we should search youtube for that and see what went wrong. The gnocchi recipe called for nutmeg with cheese flavor so it was a lovely, delicate taste as compared to what I was expecting. (Of course, I thought gnocchi was potatos! Boy was I wrong!)

Les Classiques

Afterwards (or rather, before cooking dinner), Justin started work on the dessert - macarons (NOT MACAROONS!). While he was cooking the macarons, I learned quite a bit about them. For example:
- Sift the almond flour very well so that you don't end up with lumps in the shell of your cookie
- Macaroons are made with coconut and macarons are not.
- Macarons were not initially a sandwich cookie.
- The inner filling of the cookie shouldn't be too runny.
It was really a lot of fun watching Justin cook all of the French things over the weekend, but it was especially fun when my grandmother remarked, after trying a cookie, that she would not share with my grandfather and that she wanted a cooking date with Justin. I think that makes me the best granddaughter ever for marrying someone that knows how to impress the grandparents! Yes?!

Anyway, I highly recommend purchasing cookbooks in other languages. It takes cooking to another level of challenging! PLUS, as you are learning new words, you realize how many words you already knew without having studied the language one bit! :) If that's not exciting, I don't know what is!

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