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One of the best and most exciting things about participating in the A-Z challenge is finding other bloggers to connect with. I click on and read at least 20 blogs every day that I've done the challenge on. Given that today is day 11 for me (I combined f and i), this means I have read over 200 different blogs in the past two weeks! Today I have decided to share 5 blogs that I have discovered through the A-Z challenge link up that I enjoy reading and that I think you will like too.

1. Cobbie's World

Tom, the author of Cobbie's World, writes a lot about teaching elementary school children and the challenges he faces as a father, a male teacher in the Canadian elementary school system, and the lessons he's learned by teaching students that have less than others. His posts are long and well thought out, dripping with meaning and providing daily insight into the lives of children and the adults who teach them. I highly recommend checking out his blog if you have children, teach, or just like hearing an interesting story.

2. Notes from the Tomato Lady

I LOVE tomatoes. Red, yellow, orange, green. But the tomato lady (aka Elizabeth Casteel) brings something new to her relationship with tomatoes that I just can't compete with. That is, unless I follow her blog and read all she has to say about tomatoes. I had no idea that any one person could come up with a different type of tomato for every letter in the alphabet. If you love tomatoes and think you know anything about them, take a look at this blog. I'm sure you will learn something you never knew before!

3. Beth Lapin's A to Z Blog 2014

What does Beth Lapin blog about when she isn't blogging A-Z? I have no idea! Her A-Z posts are phenomenal though! She provides a thought for the day and an action for you to do to develop better relationships with those you love. Thank you, Beth Lapin, for providing such wonderful daily snippets of wisdom and insight!

4. Words from Sonobe

I have to admit that this was a particularly fun blog to discover. The Words from Sonobe author writes letters to a younger version of herself about life challenges and obstacles she faced earlier in life. The writing style is sensational, and the letters are fun to read. If you've ever felt like writing a letter to your past self, this is a blog worthy of checking out. :)

5. Write Me A World

Nicole is an awesome A-Z challenge blogger. Every day, for every letter, she writes about a song with a story behind it. I never know what song she'll post about, so it's always exciting to check in on her blog every single day. Some days she posts songs that I know and love, while other days she posts songs I've never heard of or songs I would never have considered listening to otherwise. Check out her blog and follow along; you may discover a new favorite!

Have you discovered any awesome bloggers from the A-Z challenge? Are you excited to check out any of the blogs I mentioned in this post? Do you have any recommendations for me? I love to check out and read new blogs!

* Participate in the A-Z blogging challenge with me! You know you want to! :)


  1. What a great Idea your LOVE LINKING, I visited all five blogs and left a comment. What a great idea and I discovered AWESOME BLOGS #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ ღ ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

    1. So glad you have discovered some awesome blogs from the A to Z challenge! There are so many! :)


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