The Secret Life

Over the weekend, Justin and I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in theatres. We NEVER go to the movies, but his uncle had given us some free passes to use for Christmas. It was a crazy last minute decision to go to the theatre, so you should have seen us racing to get the tickets printed, impatiently waiting in line to redeem our tickets, and then racing into the theatre to find seats. It was well worth it though, since we managed to get seats before the crowd arrived approximately 10 minutes before the movie started.

The story begins with a 42-year-old office worker who doesn't really have much of a life despite the fact that he works for LIFE Magazine. Frequently he finds himself in imaginary situations where he zones out picturing how he wants his life to be. Then, one day he goes into work and finds out that not only has his company been acquired but that the very last magazine cover image, that was suppose to be in his hands, has been lost. Did the photographer ever actually send it? Is it somewhere in the office? Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for Walter Mitty to get in touch with photographer Sean O'Conner for the last photograph without going on an extraordinary adventure.

Justin and I agreed that what the story lacked in plot was made up for in cinematography and design of the movie itself. It was a grandiose movie that you walk away from in a bit of awe. As in…"Who thought of that?!"

For example, just as the main character takes his life offline…the magazine he works for becomes "online only". Who thought of that?

And then the magazine cover…"The End of Life"? Too funny.

There were definitely details throughout the movie, some of which I caught and some that only future views of the movie could reveal.

One of the key scenes that was pointed out to me before I even went to the theatre by another photographer was that of a quiet moment between Walter Mitty and Sean O'Conner taking in the view of a snow leopard without ever actually photographing it. What a strong reminder to (occasionally) actually live life in the moment rather than merely photographing it! Kudos to the script writer for this important message that non-photographers with a camera tend to forget!

Of course, Justin solved the mystery of the missing negative as soon as the problem presented itself. (I guess that's the curse of being married to an engineer?) Nevertheless, as we watched hoping some sort of curveball would be thrown our way (it wasn't), the visuals and light comedy kept us entertained throughout.

If you are seeking a movie that is visually stunning and overall very inspiring, I definitely recommend going to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in theatres.

Random thought…

Anyone else think of Mary Poppins when they see this image?

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  1. Not a perfect flick, but one that interests me in what Stiller can do next. Good review Mandy.


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