On My Plate: Five Foods I'm Craving

It's January and it's cold. All of a sudden my interest lies in eating things that are warm. Here are just a few things I've been craving this month:


1. Black Beans – I don't know what it is about black beans, but I have been loving them. :) They are delicious, warm on cold days, go great with Mexican meals, and they are filled with protein (which I don't get enough of). Yum!

2. Spaghetti Squash – I'm not sure what it is that I love about this squash, but when it is cooked right (not like spaghetti noodles), it tastes absolutely delicious. Plus, it's super fun to eat!!

I've never had the outer bit, but this blogger recommends making a baked margherita out of the outer portion of the squash. It looks good. :) I may have to try it.

3. Chaurice Sausage – Ok, seriously, I am one of the first (among any group of people) to say no to eating sausage. I mean look at it! Gross! All of that texture?! And the awkward shape?! Yuck! Usually when you talk about anything that even remotely looks like a hot dog, you've lost me. I know what's in hot dogs and it isn't pretty. I imagine sausage isn't much better.

But chaurice sausage, when cut into little circles and fried is delicious. It has just the right amount of spice (for someone that doesn't like spice) and it's tiny so the texture isn't as apparent. Whether or not I want to like chaurice sausage, I do. *sigh*

4. Blood Oranges – It's the most wonderful time of the year! :) Blood oranges are in season! Pair an orange with some cheese, strawberries, and French bread to make a fantastic, delicious, healthy breakfast. Plus, I will always remember the late night wedding planning I did while sucking on these magnificent fruits! :)

5. Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese and Ice Cream – I know what most of you are thinking: you are thinking I must be insane! Since when do you eat cheese with pie and ice cream?!?

Well… guess what?!

You should!

Seriously. One bite of a warm (all American) apple pie topped with melted cheddar cheese and just a bit of ice cream (or skip the ice cream if you wish) and you will thank me for providing you with this little tid bit.


So what are you craving this January? Share with me in the comments! :)

** A 
January Break using prompts from The Idea Room's Photo-A-Day Challenge. Feel free to join in!

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