Christmas All Over Again

It's raining. :(

Usually I like the rain, but for some reason today it is just depressing. Probably because it is cold and I have to go outside. Anyone want to go for me?!

The phrase for today was "looking up" and all I could think of was Mary Poppin's "Let's Go Fly A Kite". Fun song, but I don't have any pictures of kites. (Clearly this must be remedied!) So instead I share pictures of my Christmas tree and an ornament we got this year of a sleigh. (Does it make a difference if I mention that I was laying on the floor looking up trying to take the picture of the sleigh?)

I suppose Christmas pictures are always better later than never, right? Plus, due to circumstances we haven't had a chance to take down our tree yet. It IS coming down this weekend, but until then I might as well practice with my new lens on it.

If you really must see a looking up post, you can see where I wrote one in October. It is also not very life affirming or optimistic. Apparently I really struggle when it comes to "looking up". Usually all I see when I look up is the ceiling. I need to get better at that. I could at least go outside and see the clouds, right? Or stars?

But no. On a rainy day like today, I'd rather stay inside. Maybe next time. :)

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