Building Art

Today's post is suppose to be about a building.

This is what came to mind:

It's not quite this:

But it is something.

Plus, I love that those buildings (from images 1, 2, and 3) were made from these:

The design of Atlanta out of legos kind of makes my heart happy.

But in posting about it, I am reminded of this:

Mona Lisa made with coffee cups

When I mentioned it (Mona Lisa made out of coffee cups) to someone I was with over the weekend they remarked on how much time the person (artist) had. (i.e. Rather than doing real work, the artist was creating. Shame on them.) Part of me wants to agree, but part of me was like ARGH! That artist chose to take the time to make this. It took time and creativity (lots and lots)…and how many people in the world would have that much patience?! 

So kudos to the creator of the coffee cup Mona Lisa and the people who designed Atlanta out of legos; you have my respect. Thank you for providing me with something fun and beautiful to remark on.

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