A European Vacation: The Important Part(s)

I get it. Not everything needs to be shared online. But sometimes, you have to.

[talking about our trip to Europe]
Justin: "If we rent a car, we can be more flexible with our trip. We can stop in small remote places along the way, and not worry so much about sticking to a schedule. We will be able to focus on what is most important."
[long pause]
Me: "What's most important?"
Justin: "The people we are visiting?!"
Me: "Oh yeah!"

Honestly, I'm still laughing at my thoughtlessness. It's not about the places; they will be there forever. It's about the people. Duh. ;)

So, occasionally I am a blonde. It's okay. Thankfully, I married a sweet, thoughtful guy who has his priorities straight (most of the time). Whether or not, he remembers that we have a [scheduled] flight to catch at the end of the trip is questionable though.

sidenote: Apparently, you can lease cars in Europe and drive them around without worrying so much about paying extra fees for the number of drivers or going out of the country. Sweet! Anybody have any experience doing this?

* This is my summary of what happened. Nothing is exact.

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