A Challenge: Photographing In the Snow

Yesterday, when Justin and I ventured out into the snow, I could not tap into any creative juices in my head whatsoever. Finding the perfect things to photograph was hard. I get inspiration from so many bloggers and other photographers, but there was a block in my creativity. Part of me wanted to push forward because it never snows in Georgia. And part of me wanted to just enjoy the walk in the snow and not actually worry about symmetry, color, or shooting anything of any particular importance. I didn't want to challenge myself or my skills.

I am sooooo glad that I did.

Otherwise I would have missed seeing the very happy car. :)

I challenge you to go out and do something you consider difficult today. Then come back and share your results. :)

Happy Thursday!

** A 
January Break using prompts from The Idea Room's Photo-A-Day Challenge. Feel free to join in!


  1. such an awesome picture! sometimes i need motivation to get outside..especially if it's cold. I like the idea..take your camera and go! I'll have to start practicing that more

    1. Very true! You should definitely just grab your camera and go! You never know what you'll find! :)


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