Scenes From A Christmas At Our House

Last year Justin and I spent our first "married" Christmas together. We argued over whether or not to buy a real tree… (We did.)

Then there was the decorating…

Our tree was made up of turquoise, red, white, and blue. (American much?) I couldn't find the perfect tree topper and so rather than settling for something else we used this teddy bear instead. It's cute… it's blue (and white)… it works!

Still broke and without a beautiful tree topper one year later (my apologies to the bear, who obviously has feelings and is sad I didn't call him/her/it beautiful), we have resorted to cuteness yet again this year. I don't mind, and I feel like our tree topper sort of begs to ask the question: why not? Why can't people have a creative tree topper? Why must it be an angel, star, or bow? That's so…boring. (Yes, the bear did tell me that!)

We had to buy all new ornaments last year (being our first Christmas and all), but, luckily, a few friends gave us some as well. Of course the ornaments we were given had to go up on the tree this year.

(Ok, so we were given more than 2, but the other ones were having a bad hair day.)

And then, since we knew our color scheme for this year, Justin and I bought this beauty in Asheville, NC to hang on our tree. I love that it is handmade by a local artist. (Actually, I'm guessing all of the ones I've shown so far are handmade by local artists…)

Moving on from the tree…

Last year, we had gorgeous cards that I made from a picture I took shortly after the Christmas Justin proposed (and it snowed for the first time in like 100 years in Georgia at Christmas time). Well… with all of my snowy, Christmasy pictures gone (due to the 2013 hard drive failure), I had to get a little bit more creative this year. (Not that I wasn't creative last year!)

I went onto ebay and bought some vintage 1940s cards which will be my next big project to tackle tomorrow. I'm turning those old, used, vintage, Christmas cards from the 1940s into new, awesome cards (using glitter and a typewriter) that will be mailed using vintage stamps. (Yes, I am that creative AND awesome! You only wish you were getting a card from me!) 

Aren't they gorgeous??! (Aren't you jealous?!) I really just want to keep them all for myself. :)

Unfortunately, I'm pretty late in the sending cards game this year, and I will be lucky if any of my cards make it where they are going before Christmas. Oh well. I'm certain my friends and family will simply swoon when they see these gorgeous pieces of artwork. –Ahem. Cards, I mean.–

And presents?!…Don't even talk to me about presents. We bought real ribbon in green, red, and turquoise and some beautiful vintage looking wrapping paper from Target. Oh and buttons! Yes. Buttons. I am SOOOO EXCITED to get started wrapping presents. I just know they will be gorgeous. (Maybe I should just keep all of the pretty boxes too!?)

So that's what Christmas looks like at our house. Vintage. Pretty. Inspiring. Creative. Enchanting. And Blue. With a bear on top. (I think a cherry would get moldy. Eww…)

Yes, Justin and I are pretty awesome. :)

This may be my last post until after Christmas since the card-making, gift-wrapping, baking-and-cooking extravaganza is about to begin. If it is, I send you (even if not in card form) all of my love, hugs, hope, and joy as you prepare for and enjoy the upcoming holidays with friends and family. 

If not, and I do get the chance to post again, I'll call you a lucky duck (My posts are awesome.) and wish you a Happy holidays all the same! :)

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  1. Aww that Christmas tree looks wonderful! I love the snowflake and the cross! <3 Aw sorry about the hard drive. :( But I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! :)

    P.S. Those cards are the prettiest! I'm jealous! hehe


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