Sales, Sales, Sold

After having pinpointed two different challenges that I would love to take part in during the month of December (to keep me on my toes), I decided to take a different approach today and do some reviews after the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Over the weekend I went to a few of my favorite stores. Since a few of those stores are currently providing promotions, I thought you might like to see a few reviews before making holiday purchases.

Two weeks ago when Free People was having a promotion I ordered the Pointelle Ruffle Hem Pullover. The details looked beautiful online and I adored the lady-like ruffles. I just KNEW I would love this piece.

Except that I didn't.

When I wore the sweater with jeans, I didn't feel like the middle section of the sweater (see where it goes up towards the middle?) was long enough. I probably could have gotten past that, but the sweater kept falling off of my shoulders. Recap: tight in the stomach area and falling off of the shoulders. Can someone please explain that to me? I tried this sweater on in an xs, so even if I had wanted to go down in size, I wouldn't have been able to. :(

If you have really broad shoulders (think: football player) and a regular size waist, this sweater should fit you. It's a soft material and see through, so you will need a camisole underneath. Otherwise, the details are gorgeous and feminine.

When I went to return my Pointelle Ruffle Hem Pullover, I saw a sweater/skirt combo I simply had to try on. It was the Cross My Heart Pullover and the FP ONE Kelisi Embroidered Skirt.

The combo was definitely cute on, but I had some bones to pick with both items.

If you look at the bottom of the Cross My Heart Pullover, you'll notice the edge is not sewn neatly. :-/ I suppose some people like that kind of thing, but in my opinion it made the sweater look cheap. If I'm paying $100 for a sweater, I do not want it to look cheap. The sweater was soft though and the perfect length to wear with a short skirt. You can choose one of five colors to buy this sweater in including black, ivory, white, beige, and burgundy.

The FP ONE Kelisi Embroidered Skirt was cute, light, and short even on a petite person, but the material was incredibly thin and almost see-through. I tried it on the ivory. If you have thin, petite legs, this could be a good skirt for you when paired with heels. I could see it being paired with a sweater for winter or something light for spring. The skirt comes in three colors.

Both these piece were tried on in my usual size of xs and they fit as expected.

I didn't actually try the Ombre Foil Dress in a Free People store, but I did try it on at Bloomingdales. I was in love with the fade of color, and I just knew the dress would be an absolute stunner.

While the color is as pretty as you see online, I was very disappointed in the quality of this dress. The straps were thick and ugly, but I thought I could cover them up with a sweater. However, after trying this dress on, I realized the side zipper hit my hips in such a way using a bad hem (according to Justin who knows a bit about sewing) that the dress would never lay flat against my body. It would always look like I had left a big tag on in the inside of the dress at the hip… or like I had a pointy hip.

If it fits you right, this dress would be lovely to wear to a holiday party, but I had to return it to the rack.

This dress comes in a wide variety of colors, so if you are not too fond of the burgundy/black color, you should check out the website and see if there is a color just right for you.

(This dress is currently 25% off at Bloomingdales for Cyber Monday!)

My favorite item that I tried on was the Yummy Dobby Whistle While You Work soft pink Free People tunic sold at Bloomingdales. I tried on an xs which was a bit roomy but it wasn't altogether unflattering. It looks great with skinny jeans and knee high boots. The material is super soft, and the shirt keeps you warm on those 50º weather days. Plus, I adore the blush pink this shirt comes in. And it has pockets! This shirt was definitely a win for me especially while it was on sale! (see: Cyber Monday sale)

I wanted so badly to love the Free People Kristal Lace Salinas Foil Print Dress (also sold at Bloomingdales), but I just couldn't get past the split down the middle of the dress. It almost looked like you weren't fully dressed. :( The sparkles on the dress were gorgeous though! You can buy it in either black or red. If you decide to order this dress, try a size or two larger than what you would normally wear. Otherwise, this dress will fit tight and not have the flowy look you see on the model.

I tried the Free People Mesh Lace Tutu on just for fun at Bloomingdales, and it is exactly how it looks. If you have a top to wear with it (I'm betting a sweater would go nicely?), it is definitely a fun piece to add to your closet. I tried on the xs which fit like normal.  I ended up putting it back on the rack, because I couldn't think of any tops to wear with it. :( This skirt also comes in black if you are not a blush kind of person. :)

The last thing I tried this weekend at Free People was the above skirt. It was soooo, sooo, soooo much fun to try on! Unfortunately I cannot find the name of it anywhere. (Help?) It was on the last item rack at Free People, and I so badly wanted it. Unfortunately, the $368 price tag quickly turned me away. The skirt was huge and it had a ton of layers including a bit of tulle. I tried it in an xs size, and it fit well after the bow was tied. The skirt ended right below my knee. If this skirt ever went on sale, I think I would be the first in line to buy it. :)

I hope my reviews have helped even if only a little bit. Remember that Free People and Bhldn are doing discounts on sale items, Anthropologie has free shipping, and Bloomingdales has 25% off all sale items today. Happy shopping! :)

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