My Top 3 Favorite Photos of 2013

My challenge for today was to consider my top three favorite photos that I have ever taken. Due to the great hard drive crash of 2013, my choices were fairly limited to images shot this year. Luckily, I have taken a few that I am proud of and do not mind posting again.

1. Sunset at Biltmore – Taken at sunset while stalking the Biltmore Estates, I love this Christmas scene. I almost feel like parts of the image look illustrated and not real. I can't imagine a more beautiful sunset to have captured of this beautiful historic home.
2. Atlanta View – For Justin's birthday we celebrated by taking a walk around Atlanta and discovering the many views of the city. This lingers behind as one of my favorite shots from the day taken with my cell phone! I used old editing techniques to bring this image to life, but I still come back to it frequently as one of my favorite shots of the year. Would it be better with any new editing techniques I've learned? Perhaps. It's hard to say.
3. Charleston Florals – This image was taken over the summer during a vacation to Charleston most likely inside a hotel. I took the image using old camera techniques and edited it using newer editing techniques, which I feel really gave this image the sense of beauty I was seeking and unable to achieve with older techniques. Is it as interesting as the architectural shots above? No. I still think it would be beautiful as a large canvas print hanging in someone's house though.
In the spirit of the holidays, if you find one of my original blog posts featuring any one of the above images, be the first to leave a comment below and I will send you a printed copy of your image choice. :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! :)

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  1. WHOA! These are all very beautiful photos! :) I love the one with the view of the skyscrapers! :)


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