Where I Write

When I was in college studying studio art, my school made certain that every senior student had a space to call their own. We picked our spot on the third floor of the art building at the beginning of the year. Some of us made use of the extra space and filled it with inspirations; others of us (read: me) ignored it for the year.

Many, many years later I am spending my mornings writing blog posts. While I am certain my home would allow enough space for me to have a desk, I am unconventional in that I work wherever I am from my laptop. Often that means I am in my bedroom or on the couch. Occasionally I find myself at my parent's house or writing from where Justin works.

My space is typically sparse and devoid of any distractions. Part of that is because Justin and I are saving money, and part of it is that I don't need distractions to keep me from my work. I work in silence, because otherwise I'd be tempted to get off track with movies, music, or podcasts. (I already have enough trouble with Twitter, Facebook, and Google!) I don't dress up for my writing and instead prefer to be comfortable, often with a blanket over my legs. (It probably doesn't help that we have our heater set particularly low to save on electricity costs.) All of the blinds are shut, because I am lazy and Justin doesn't like that neighbors could possibly see in. If I'm having a rough day though or I'm feeling particularly tired or cranky, opening the blinds helps brighten my mood and makes it easier to write and think. The only smell in the room might be a smell lingering from food cooked the night before or the volcano Anthropologie candle I love to burn! (Highly recommended!) And if I'm eating, it's either breakfast or lunch… and it's distracting.

Where do you typically write or create? Do you feel your space influences what and how you write? Would you be interested in sharing your work space with The Millions?

** This post is thanks to NaBloPoMo, offering bloggers tips on blogging, monthly blogging prompts, and chances to win prizes! :)

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