Ten Tips for Holiday Season Safety

Earlier this week I went to a seminar my local police department was offering about how to stay safe during the holiday season. Let me share a few of their tips.

1. If you feel like someone is watching you, make sure to look them in the eye. Don't hold a staring contest which could be seen as a challenge. Just look them in the eye and let them know you see them, then you can look away. 
2. Gold prices are on the rise which means thieves are after expensive jewelry. And your cell phone. Since most thieves are young kids, they can't tell the difference between something expensive and not. Lay low on wearing tons of jewelry and keep your phone in your pocket. 
3. If asked for the time, a thief usually just wants an idea of what kind of phone you have or if you are wearing an expensive watch. Don't respond. Or at least don't pull out your expensive phone/watch.  
4. If asked for a material item such as your purse, car keys, or phone, throw it in the opposite direction and run. Never ever get in the car when a thief asks you to. If you can, set off your car alarm when you throw your keys and start yelling (as you run away). Thieves don't want attention, they just want to take what they can and go. 
5. When Christmas shopping, pay for your items in the mall and ask if the register can hold your bags for you while you finish shopping. At the end of your shopping day, go around and pick up all of the merchandise you've bought by showing your receipt. If you can't take it all to your car in one trip, put the bags in your trunk and move your car to another location before returning to the mall for further shopping/bag getting. 
6. At night, keep your curtains closed. Thieves find their targets at night when they can see big screen tvs from the street.  
7. During the day, keep your curtains open so you can see what's going on around your house. Thieves are most likely to break in during the day when they think no one is home.
8. When getting out of the car to get gas, take your purse with you. Thieves often reach inside the passenger door when their victim isn't looking to grab their purse. 
9. Never try to fight a thief. You have no idea what kind of drugs they are on. 
10. Keep your car in good shape. Thieves actually prefer older cars, because newer/prettier cars tend to cause more attention.

What do you think? Did you learn anything? Is there anything I left out that you think is important?

Hope all of my readers have a fantastic, SAFE weekend! Next week is looking crazy, but I am going to try and post once a day. :)

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  1. The tips you mentioned are highly insightful Never thought of it that way that these thieves ask the time just to see what they can take away from you.


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