Support Local Artists

When I was in Asheville taking pictures of beautiful handblown glass balls hanging in a window, someone came into the store and instinctively apologized for getting in my picture and immediately moved out of the way.

I'm not going to lie – part of me was elated. Thank goodness he's out of my shot! But then I remembered that I was in a store taking pictures of artwork that may not exist if not for said store. I thought of myself and how I rarely (read: never) get paid for the work I do. Then I thought of all of the other photographers I've bashed over the years claiming that their work wasn't good enough; how did those photographers even make a living or sell their work? Why did people pay them for it? This work, that I was photographing, was actually good. I don't know anything about glass blowing, and I probably would have found some imperfections if I did. Nevertheless, why should I inhibit the potential buying power of this man just because I am taking a picture of this artwork?

That's when I decided to back off, and let the man look. I told the man outright that I would rather he look at and potentially buy a piece from this artist than worry about whether or not I was photographing the work. I told him to support local artists. How else will they be able to grow and develop their skills?

I am blessed in that I can develop my skills from the safety and security of my own (rental) home. My husband makes enough to pay all of our bills and living expenses. All he really requires of me is that I not complain of boredom or become stagnant in my work. Not every artist is as lucky as I am.

Then I saw a post on Facebook this morning featuring a flash mob orchestra, that sealed my blog posting future. While I think the video is actually a commercial (for a bank?), the message is clear. Put your money where your heart is. If you support local artists, you will reap the benefits of their growth. Please keep this in mind as you begin your holiday shopping in the next few weeks and all year long.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

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