Thursday Link Up

When I'm not busy writing blog posts, editing photos, and doing all of the other random things I do, I often find myself reading blogs. I use the lovely Digg reader to keep up with over 100 blogs and websites, and today I thought I would share three of the ones I visit most often.

You should not find it surprising in the least that I would visit Roxy's blog Effortless Anthropologie at least once a week. I've actually started preferring Free People clothing to Anthropologie, but I still like to check in and make sure I'm not missing any deals. (Isn't it suppose to be the other way around? You like bohemian Free People before moving on to the more business-like Anthropologie? Hmmm…) Anyway, if you are looking to find what's on sale this week at Anthropologie, get fantastic reviews about particular clothing items, or even find out about local events Anthropologie hosts, Roxy's blog is the site for you! Thanks to Effortless Anthropologie I discovered that the store offered amazing clothes I coveted at prices I could afford. Yay for getting nice clothes at decent prices!! :)

This past May I joined the Travel Hacking Cartel to try and find good deals on travel since I was planning for a few vacations and wanted to get the most for my money. Unfortunately it didn't work out quite the way I wanted or expected it to, and I cancelled after two weeks. :( Luckily, Boarding Area has been doing quite well at keep me up to date on last minute travel news, recommendations, so on and so forth. I can read about the best planes for travel, the best times to travel, which airlines are having sales (and which sales are worth it), how to collect points for hotel stays, and much, much more! If you are interested in travel, I definitely recommend checking this site out.

The more I get into editing with photoshop, the more tutorials I seek. The funny thing is that the better you get at using Photoshop, the more bad tutorials you discover for using photoshop. Honestly, it really makes me sick. If you are trying to get into photography, the combination of bad tutorials, old material, and really bad photographers out there make it more difficult than ever to improve your work. For the most part, Digital Camera World provides good tutorials that benefit photographers of all stages providing both photoshop and in-the-field tips and advice. Aside from Creative Live, it has become my go-to when trying to learn something new.

What are some websites you frequently visit? Do you have any suggestions for me? Did you know about the sites I mentioned?

** This post was prompted by The Daily October.Challenge. Visit Secret Obsession's blog to find out more and join in! :)

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