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I have always loved rain.

According to my mother, the morning I was born it was pouring outside. That bit of knowledge always made me feel special. Like obviously God had something big in store for my life.

This past summer I got to experience the Rain Room in New York City at the Museum of Modern Art. It was everything you'd expect it to be – mostly magical. Even Justin's parents, who were a bit skeptical, became entranced by the beauty of the Rain Room. We stood in there for at least an hour just taking it all in.

I'm not sure why rain is so enchanting, mesmerizing, and magical.

I especially tend to think of Sarah Polley from the 1988 television series Ramona in red boots and a yellow rain jacket doing cartwheels in the rain as indicative of the magic, beauty, and excitement that rain can bring.

Nevertheless, as you get older that happiness tends to revert to more indoor activities. While I may have considered playing in the rain as a child (and wasn't allowed), now I tend to avoid the actual act of getting wet altogether and instead enjoy the rain from afar (or at least under a roof).

Cuddling under a blanket on a big comfy couch and watching a movie or reading a book with a hot drink in hand, I can listen to the rain feeling safe, secure, calm, and comfortable. It's almost like nothing bad can happen to you. Of course on pleasant days, it's always nice to take that same book outside to a front porch swing and read there instead. And how could I forget waking up slow and making banana pancakes a la Jack Johnson style?

I realize that a lot of people associate rainy days with "bad days", but I am definitely not one of them (usually). I really can't imagine a more perfect way to spend a day off than to experience the calmness that rain brings.

Rainy days are truly my favorite…

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