Back in the Days of Film

Over the weekend, I came across a few concepts that made me think:

1. Photographers should toss 24/25 photos they shoot. Only then can they achieve a consistently good/getting better portfolio.

2. You are only as good as your worst image.

3. Women, in particular, dislike having their picture taken.

As I was attempting to cull nearly a decade of my worst images off of Facebook, it occurred to me that the majority of the images I was deleting were of myself. Granted I didn't have a lot of photos of myself up to begin with, but along with tossing the images that I could now do better I was also tossing a lot of images of me.

So I decided I would follow up with another blogger's challenge of posting images of myself.*

All of the shots on this post were taken with a 35mm soon after I decided to start taking photography at the local college a million and a half years ago. It was the beginning of summer in Georgia, so we were outside early and shot through most of the day. As the day progressed though, it started to get hot. By the end of it, instead of feeling pretty in a dress, I felt ugly, sticky, sweaty, and in desperate need of a shower.

When looking back at these images, I don't necessarily remember the "ugly"; instead I remember how much fun I had and how loved I felt. 

Am I alone? Do you frequently find yourself trashing and criticizing images of yourself? Are there any images you have that may not necessarily be technically good, but that you find value in anyway?

*Can't remember which blog it was! Sorry!
** Images on this post were culled out of approximately 10 or so rolls of film (250-ish images).
*** Over the course of 9 years of "selfies", these are only a select few that remain.
**** This post was prompted by a number of different sources one of which was The Daily October.Challenge. Visit Secret Obsession's blog to find out more and join in! :)

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