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Today's challenge was to tell you what my first few months of blogging were like, but honestly I can't remember. I started in 2001/2002 not of my own accord but because a friend was blogging. Then there were a few years of me •trying• to make my own website and blog (but never really being happy with the results) and a bit of Livejournal. My web blog was open to all of my friends, but only my online friends could see my Livejournal. (Am I showing my age here? :-P) I started this blog to document my wedding planning and keep friends and family informed of what was going on. Since my wedding has already passed…now I simply document my life with reviews, giveaways, and challenges in between.

Even though I can't tell you what blogging was like for me in the beginning, let me offer a bit of advice to new bloggers:

1. Be consistent.
There are so many things that could mean, and you will have to decide for yourself and your readers what the best option is for you. You could blog about the same topic(s) day after day…or maybe that just means blogging EVERY DAY for you. It's generally a good idea to have a blog post up by a specific time on the days you post, but I definitely don't do that. (I try!) Some bloggers have daily themes (i.e. Wedding Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, etc…). Whatever you do, find a way to be consistent about it. 
2. Post original content including images!
First rule of blogging: Don't steal others' content! It's not fair, not nice, and NOT COOL. Bloggers work really hard at providing new and interesting content for you, the readers. The least you can do is credit your sources. 
Second rule of blogging: Images make blog posts more exciting. Once again though, it's always best to credit your sources if you don't use your own images. 
3. Sign up with companies to provide reviews and offer giveaways.
All of the ones I'm signed up for I found on Go visit the forum and you will also find awesome money-saving offers as well! 
4. Ask questions.
Whether you want advice from your readers or maybe you just want them to be involved in your blog, asking questions is a great way to spark conversations and make new friends! 
5. Don't post EVERYTHING on the internet.
If you don't want your mom to read it…or your boss, teacher, or best friend, don't put it out there! Guess what? The internet is a public forum! (Hard to believe, I know!) Typically if you post something you don't want someone to read, they have this weird way of gravitating toward it meaning you will, at some point, have to explain your actions (or words). Not fun. 
6. Love what you do AND have fun.
If you aren't blogging out of enjoyment, your readers will be able to tell. Furthermore, you will get bored of blogging pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you think you might be interested in blogging, give it a trial run! What is there to lose?

While I can't give you a play-by-play of what it was like for me during my first few months of blogging, I hope my list offers a bit of help if you are just starting your blog. There are definitely a few things I wish I had known before starting my blog! If you are new to blogging or have been blogging a while, let me know if I missed anything!

**This post is part of The Daily October Challenge. Visit Secret Obsession's blog to find out more and join in! :)

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  1. It's still best to keep your very personal posts on a private diary you can keep. Thanks for this tips Mandy! I'm sure I and a lot of bloggers can truly benefit from this. :)


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