30 Things That Make Me Happy

I have no idea who the source is for the above quote, but I am reminded of it every day. No matter how little I feel I've gotten accomplished in the morning or how bad of a mood I am in, the kids I watch (specifically the spunky red head) always put me in a better mood. They are excited to be out of school, excited to get a treat, and excited to have a babysitter as awesome as me. (Well…most of the time anyway!)

The Daily October post for today (or rather, yesterday) was to think about what happiness means to you. Happiness can clearly be defined in a dictionary, so we are going to jump on ahead to my list of 30 things that make me happy. It is just a start and I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could come up with 100! …But I'm not sure anyone would want to read that many!
1. a warm sweater on a cold day
2. ice cream!
3. cuddling up on a sofa while watching a movie
4. popcorn and root beer floats while watching a movie (Justin came up with that one!)
5. sitting out on a front porch swing late at night talking
6. jazz music and swing dancing
7. the waltz is pretty awesome too
8. the smell of freshly baked cookies
9. a new outfit
10. compliments on a new outfit
11. finding a good deal on a purchase I was already planning for
12. finding a surprise deal I can't pass up
13. jumping on a pile of leaves on an autumn day
14. sharing popsicle time with a 3 year old
15. sleeping in on a rainy day
16. finishing a good book
17. not having to go anywhere on a rainy day
18. hearing my favorite song on the radio
19. getting an email/phone call from an old friend
20. getting something in the mail I've been waiting for
21. finding a surprise in the mailbox that I wasn't expecting
22. eating a delicious meal
23. a bonfire outside with friends
24. spending time with family
25. pretty flowers
26. a child's laughter
27. laughter, in general
28. a hug from someone I love
29. snow! (when I don't have to go anywhere!)
30. listening to the rain
What makes you happy? Do you agree with anything on my list?

**This post is part of The Daily October Challenge. Visit 
Secret Obsession's blog to find out more and join in! :)

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