Price Matching & Best Rates Guarantees

As most of you are aware, I have been in the throes of planning not one vacation -- but TWO! Both of which will be happening within the next month. (And both of which were planned in the last month! Talk about stress!)

Anyway, I think I've already mentioned how happy I was to find some good deals when booking a hotel through Travelocity. I failed to mention, however, that I was head-over-heels in love with their pro-consumer terms. Not only was I able to book the hotel using discounts specific to Travelocity, but they also guarantee that you are booking the lowest available rate up to one day before your trip AND allow you to cancel up to (I think it is) three days prior to your trip. Heck yeah!

I actually missed my first planned hotel stay near Charleston that would have cost a mere $60 a night due to miscommunication and indecisiveness, but I am quite happy with the new $90 rate (received after price matching) that is at an ideal location and comes with a free buffet style breakfast (including waffles, eggs, coffee, juice, etc...). With breakfast costing approximately $20 for two anyway, I'm "seeing" the hotel rate in the $70 range making it far more worthwhile and cost effective than previously expected.

As I mentioned, after booking on Travelocity, I immediately went on a search for a lower rate. Guess what? I found one!! So Travelocity gave me the difference back on the credit card as well as an additional $50 travel credit to use on our next Travelocity booked vacation!!! (Granted our next booked vacation was through Airbnb, but I am sure we can find some way to use the extra 50 Travelocity dollars in the near future.)

If you have had the opportunity to use any of Travelocity's recent deals or are considering booking a hotel for vacation in the near future, this is a good listing of how to get the most for your hard earned travel money. Whether you are booking through the hotel, Travelocity, or another travel site (orbitz,, etc...), you can find the perfect website to either book your travel for the cheapest price OR get your travel price matched.

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