Charleston Points of Interest

One of my favorite things to do in preparation for a vacation is to scour the web to see what other people like doing in the area that I am going to be visiting. This is especially true of a place like Charleston, SC where I've been multiple times. Of course no matter how many times I've been, I always seem to find more to do there. I think if I could live there, I would.

Here are a few of my favorite spots:

1. the rooftop of Vendue Inn over the marketplace. I love going there in the evening as the sun is going down. Of course you have to get there early, because people will crowd in the back making it difficult to take pictures of the sunset going down over the Charleston skyline.

Also, if you decide you actually want to stay at Vendue Inn, do not expect to be able to get to the rooftop during the winter months. My (now) husband, his friends, and I attempted to go watch the sunrise when we stayed there way back when, and the doors were locked. I'm not sure what it is like during the summer.

2. Kiawah Beach. I once read that if you go to the right when you get to Kiawah, you will find fewer people and more scenery. Granted this also means you aren't allowed to actually swim in the ocean due to strong currents and rip tides. It is beautiful and serene though especially when you find yourself sick of crowded beaches (like Folly and Isle of Palms).

I suppose I should also mention that unless you are staying at a hotel on Kiawah Island, you do have to pay to park in the state park. From what I've heard, you also have to make sure you leave before they close. They will close the park locking you and your car in if you aren't careful.

3. SNOB or Slightly North of Broad is by far one of our favorite restaurants whenever we go to Charleston. We've tried a few of the other ones up and down the street, but we consistently go back to this one. The first meal we had here was a steak. Last year we had a vegetable plate. The menu constantly changes, but the food is always good.

4. If you need a place to stay, I highly recommend Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. It is by no means cheap, but it is nice to be within walking distance of the marina, Yorktown, and the Cooper Bridge. I've never actually used it, but I've heard they have a water taxi that will take you to Charleston. They also provide bikes you can rent and s'mores on the weekends during the summer out on their beach area. The pool and jacuzzi are always clean. If you can't afford a hotel on the beach, this is my second favorite most affordable alternative. It is also nicer than any beach hotel I have stayed in yet!

5. Finally if you want a truly amazing dessert, you must stop by Peninsula Grill and get the coconut cake. While slightly expensive, you will never taste anything more amazing (and Southern AND full of calories) than that. Hint: Bring a friend. One piece is at least 1000 calories. You cannot finish it alone. And if you can, you probably shouldn't. :)

I have a few places I have yet to go that I think would be interesting. For instance, I would love to take a walk through Cypress Gardens where supposedly they filmed some of The Notebook (specifically the canoe ride with all of the geese!). I also recently discovered the Charles Pickney National Historic Site and the Charleston Tea Plantation as alternative free places to visit while in Charleston.

Google has been quite useful as well.

While reading The Charleston Daily Photo, I have come across quite a bit of useful information as the blogger works her way around her home town sharing photos, history, and images. Specifically I found her post on brunch options interesting as well as the post she shared from National Geographic and The Charleston City Newspaper useful. All of her beautiful images make me want to visit Magnolia Plantation in the spring, and I loved seeing her Halloween photos as a side of Charleston I have never seen before. I will definitely be following her blog from this point forward!

I love looking at discussion boards both travel and local. It is amazing the kind of insight you get when reading what other people have done.

So how do you prepare for a vacation? Have you ever been to Charleston? And if so, do you have any "insights" for me?

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