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I am a huge fan of vacations where I get to experience new and exciting things ... and I'm also a bit of a deal junky. If it can be had for less, either I will find said deal ... OR I will find a similar deal. If I don't spend the time researching, and I am not confident in a deal that I did find, I won't take advantage ofit. If I do, I usually end up regretting my "jump" or second-guessing myself. (i.e. If I had saved x amount of money on y, I could have also paid for a, b, and c. *sad face*)

Knowing that we were going to NYC and Boston in nearly a month, I did my very best to find good deals. I had known about the trip for over a year, but it wasn't until the beginning of June that I realized I needed to find a hotel/place to stay for our time in Boston. (There was a lot of miscommunication about where we were going, for how long, and with whom we would be staying.) Anyway, we now have a house booked with Airbnb. It wasn't the best deal I could find, but I'm glad my research is over. I was really starting to hate people that required week-long rentals. So far the process of using Airbnb has been good, but, obviously, I cannot give you a full review of the website until after the payment clears and we've stayed at the house.

Within the past week though, my parents mentioned having vacation time off and asked Justin and I if we wanted to go to Charleston and/or the beach with them. For me, it was a resounding YES! Justin and I, both, already had some holiday time off for that week in particular. I knew we all would be on a tight budget, so I began my search at some of the home away vacation rentals (i.e. Airbnb, vrbo, etc...). I was having decent luck but nothing too amazing.

Then, today, I discovered all of the special deals Travelocity was doing.

$50 off of $300+
10% off $200+
Spend $200 with Amex, get $50 back
For $49, buy a $100 travelocity gift card/coupon (to be used on purchases of $250
For $25, buy a $50 travelocity gift card/coupon

Yeah. I was kind of excited. :)

All of a sudden, I was able to bring the cost of a 2 day vacation down enough to make it a 5 day vacation. Heck yeah! I can totally get behind that! (And apparently so could my husband who has been watching me research deals for the past 2 weeks and constantly been telling me that we can't afford a beach vacation. His response: "Wow!")

I don't say this very often, but YOU CAN AFFORD A VACATION. Go check out travelocity for some awesome deals right now. Maybe you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was. :)

This post contains my own opinions and not those of Travelocity, Airbnb, or any other travel company. I am not getting compensated in any way.

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