The Unthinkable

Over the weekend I wasn't thinking clearly and I did the unthinkable.

I washed my cell phone.

Let that sink in for a moment.

washed. cell. phone. soap. water. CELL PHONE.

Smart move, right? I mean even the cleanest of cell phones has to be washed occasionally. And heck, while you are at it, why not let your cell phone get some exercise! Take it to the pool, throw it in the water, and see how good of a swimmer it is! (Of course if it sinks to the bottom, you might want to go save it. Just saying.)

Luckily, Justin and I have a high efficiency washer and I realized my mistake within five minutes of making it. Unluckily, the cell phone still realized my mistake and now has that stupid little red indicator that says "my owner decided to throw water on me". Thanks Apple for that constant reminder; I'm certain I will always look back at that moment with fond memories.

Well actually, I am pretty lucky in that my cell phone (for now) is still working. We attempted the whole "turn it off immediately" scenario, but my iphone would have none of that. It kept turning itself back on while I thought desperately to myself "do you want to die, stupid phone?!" In a last ditch effort, Justin threw the phone into airplane mode for the day and we left it on a fan to try and rid the device of any moisture that may have become trapped inside.

If it had been the weekend (i.e. Friday and not Sunday), I probably would have left my phone alone for the full 2 or 3 days letting it just dry out. Unfortunately, seeing as my cell phone is my only method of communication with the world (other than my laptop) while my husband is at work, by Sunday night Justin and I HAD to attempt to use it. We made a phone call, checked the internet, tried the texting capabilities, and then put it back on the fan to continue it's drying process until morning when we went to check to see if it would charge and hold charge.

Now, as of Tuesday, my phone (knock on wood) is continuing to work and hold charge. It still does a number of things it did before (including taking pictures, using internet, calling, texting, and so on...), but slowly my screen is looking more and more like there has been water trapped underneath. It didn't look bad on Sunday, but two days later and I am left wondering if the screen will ever clear up.

I will definitely keep you updated on this experience as I am certain many iphone users will want to know what happens when you make a silly mistake like throwing your phone in the wash. Perhaps this will have taught me a lesson in caring for one's phone (not that I thought I was terribly mean to my phone to begin with!).

So peeps, I know I am not the first nor the only one to have ever thrown my phone in the wash (or the toilet, sink, pool, etcetera)! Please, please, please enlighten me with your experiences! (Especially if they are good!) Make a girl feel better! (Or worse, depending on the case.) :)

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