Life Rambles

- Remember when I promised a pizza tutorial? Every time I go to edit the photos my laptop gets really hot and becomes really slow, so I've been holding off. Today I realized that maybe I need to reformat my iphoto library. Unfortunately, my laptop is fighting me on this. I think it might be because Justin has two users set up, and he did not give me admin rights. Irritating since I bought this computer before we got married. (Grr!) I'll try to repair iphoto through his account tonight when I have more time. (I probably just need to start using Adobe Lightroom to catalog my photos. I'm just not looking forward to that learning curve.)

- Speaking of my laptop running slow, I bought a 3tb WD My Passport extra hard drive for all of my video files to help clear up some space. I also took my laptop to the Apple store since my warranty runs out this month. They ran one test three times (once on accident) and discovered there MAY BE a problem with my fan working (or not working as the case may be). So sometime next week I have to take my laptop back to Apple for more intense diagnostic testing. Yuck.

- Last night we came home to find ants all over the kitchen bar. Justin couldn't find the source, so we put out some ant baits and went to dinner blowing our food budget. Isn't that the way it always works? Things are going smoothly, and then there is a problem. And bam! It's all over!?! I think we can get back on target, but it's downright frustrating. Guess you just have to keep trying. Unfortunately, I just have a hard time eating in a buggy kitchen. Not my style at all.

- For those of you interested, my cell phone seems to be doing much better. Remember how I said it got a lot worse? Now it looks a lot better with only a few little spots of water still inside the screen. It does have one diagonal line running across the screen, but it doesn't seem to effect performance too much. From what google has suggested, my phone may do one of a few things: 1) completely clear up and run almost perfectly,  2) completely clear up and die or 3) completely clear up and die after a few months due to the water damage it most likely has. Ideally I'd like #1 to happen, but I would be okay with #3 so long as it gets me through until December when my contract ends. I have no interest in paying $400 or $500 for a replacement phone. (I wasn't even interested in paying $200 for a contracted phone, and I only have my current smart phone because it was given as a gift. A gift I <3, but a gift none-the-less.)

- So one thing that has been plaguing me is whether or not to purchase an ipad for our trip to Germany. My laptop is pretty heavy, and I'm concerned about the weight as well as the cost to replace it ($3000 vs. $500). Furthermore, Justin and I currently have one computer between the two of us. It's a goner if it disappears or gets stolen which is not to say we wouldn't feel pain if an ipad were stolen or lost. We are already looking into getting either travelers or photographers insurance, but the question is: Is it reasonable to purchase an ipad for travel? Or maybe I should just save the extra $400 and get a separate (lighter) JoTotes bag for my laptop to make it easier to carry? Hmmm? I hate decisions!!! :)

So those are my life rambles. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something better to talk about. :) Hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday!

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