How to Style A Free People Embellished Tulle Slip As A Dress

Over Memorial Day weekend, Justin let me purchase a dress/slip from ebay that I'd been wanting since I first found out it had sold out on the Free People website.

Anyway, at first it was a no-go. The seller was selling it for more than Free People had it priced at, and Justin said that, while he could understand that price for a beautiful Anthropologie dress, a Free People slip that could not be worn very often was probably a bad choice for the money. Instead, he suggested I barter. I offered the seller half of her price not thinking she would take it.

To my surprise the seller accepted! I was excited to be getting the dress/slip I wanted, and Justin was glad that we weren't going to be paying Anthropologie prices for a slip.

When it arrived at my doorstep, the first thing I did was find ways to wear it as a dress. If the model can do it, so can I!

I paired the dress with a white petticoat with a long black boho skirt over the petticoat and under the dress. (All I have is a white petticoat right now, but this dress clearly calls for a black petticoat.) The petticoat gave the skirt definition and made it a bit more flared.

Next, I put on a silver belt right where the top of the dress meets the bottom. (Justin didn't like the way the slip was put together with ruffles right there.)

Then came a navy blue shrug. (I can't wear a dress without something over my arms!)

Finally, I ended with some black heeled sandals. (I haven't really thought about jewelry yet!) This could definitely be an awesome dress for a date night, going to a wedding, or even Christmas pictures!

When all put together, it very much reminds me of the Anthropologie Summer Souffle Dress which I love so much!

So what do you think? Can you picture the Free People Embellished Tulle Slip as a dress yet? Have you ever altered an outfit so you can wear it in more than one way?

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