Flowers & Sunshine

I can hardly finish editing one series of images before I am off shooting again! (Image above is unedited, straight out of camera.) Last night Justin and I went out on a little date whereby we walked to the center of the city (camera in tow), ate Mexican, and I practiced using two settings on my camera that I was previously unaware of. There is one setting that will immediately alert you to any part of the image being too bright, and another setting that will let you shoot three images in a row using something called bracketing. Bracketing is kind of like shooting HDR in that you get a bright photo, a medium bright/dark photo, and a dark photo that can all be combined to give you all of the highlights and lowlights of a single image. Between bracketing and Photoshop, I haven't yet been successful at getting an image to work out, but I will one day.

In the mean time, I recommend going out for a walk with your significant other (or by yourself) to just see what you can see. Stop and smell the flowers. I specifically recommend going at sunset when the lighting is the prettiest and it's not quite as hot.

As promised, as soon as I get my photos together I will share a pizza making tutorial! Yay!! (You know you are excited!) Also coming soon, I'll probably be talking more about budgeting (Justin just got his paycheck), a new online Korean style clothing shop I stumbled across, and hopefully some more awesome pictures from my trip to the mountains this past weekend.

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!

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