Don't think; just do it!

I've been taking ballroom dance lessons for quite a while now. Not consistently, but frequently. When Justin and I signed up for swing lessons at the rec center, I just knew I would pick up on it faster than any of the other couples there.

Guess what?

I was wrong.

As crazy as it seems (to me), I am easily one of the worst.

I'm starting to think I have no rhythm and two left feet. It probably doesn't help that every instructor I've ever had teaches swing differently. It can be a bit confusing to try and do what the teacher wants with something so subjective ... like dancing.

Yesterday, when I was paired up with the instructor's male assistant, I was told to quit thinking about what I was doing, and just follow his lead. All of a sudden, everything made sense. I was able to hit the right beats and move almost effortlessly through the routine.

Dance isn't the only art form that requires less thinking. I've also been told that in art and music classes. You practice, practice, practice ... and the minute you let go (emotionally), that minute you quit thinking ... you produce something AMAZING.

I wish I could say that it all made sense to me and that, from this point forward, I will always remember to let go and just do. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Sometimes thinking is required; how else can you learn the right steps? Nevertheless, previous experience has shown me that you just have to find that moment and hold on to it while you have it.

I feel like this is a life lesson of sorts, but I'm not quite sure how.

Any ideas?

I hope all of my readers are having a fantastic Tuesday!

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