Bird Watching & Travel Planning

While I was up in North Georgia two weekends ago I got to sit on my grandparent's front porch and bird watch. Actually, Justin, my brother, and I fought over who got to use my camera with the telephoto lens to capture the birds. I have to say it takes a lot of patience, holding your breath, and a tripod (or deck railing in this case) to get good still life images of birds. (And perhaps praying that the birds actually stay still long enough to get the shot.)


I've been busy planning and thinking about the two (possibly three) upcoming trips that will be happening over the next few weeks (year). I've spent a crazy amount of time looking at airbnb for accommodations for six at the last minute for a great price. And of course my idea of a good price is not quite the same as the people we are staying with. Unfortunately good prices at the last minute, in my opinion, are quite a bit harder to come by. Of course I've also looked at hotels in the Hilton HHonors program since Justin and I have a few points and are looking at matching our gold status from another program to them. However no matter how much I research hotel award points, it always seems to confuse and frustrate me. (So I get how many points for how long of a stay? And those points are worth what?!)

Then yesterday I checked in on rental car prices. I checked at Priceline, vroomvroomvroom, and Costco to come up with a general price range. I'm thinking either myself or Justin will take that knowledge to call the rental car companies see what their best offer is for us for that week, provide them with the best quote we've received and see if they can beat it, and finally call the company with the best price offer and accept. Then we will have a rental car ... Yay! (You know you don't envy us.)

To top it all off, I've now got to start looking into travel insurance. I'm a bit worried about taking my new camera to NYC (and even moreso taking it overseas to Germany when we go next year). So I get to research all of that. Woo.

Of course I'm complaining about all of this research, price matching/beating, and finding the best opportunities for us, but I'm certain it will all be worth it when we finally go on vacation. Money will have been saved, and I will get to focus on having fun, which is always a positive.

Do any of my readers have suggestions/recommendations on saving money while traveling?

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