Bare Escentuals Sale

I rarely (read: never) wear make-up. I generally have pretty good, clear skin, except when I'm getting married, which, luckily, has only happened once. haha. I've only used cheap make-up once on my skin, and I ended up hating it! (I think by that time I was already spoiled by the fancy stuff.)

Well anyway, as it so happens, despite the fact that I rarely wear make-up, I'm actually out of foundation! Apparently I've been to enough weddings, events, Christmas parties, and picture takings that within the past *ahem* years I actually ran out of foundation! Crazy!!

Unfortunately when you walk into Bare Escentuals you just want to buy everything since they always have those little round containers laid out so prettily! You think to yourself looking at the eyeshadows that you just want one pink, one blue, and one purple ... but there are five different shades of pink that are gorgeous and maybe you want the green one too. So soon you find yourself overloaded with hundreds of dollars worth of pretty make-up that, in my case, you want to take home and make art with. (Or maybe you want to put it on your face and you know go out to dinner, because you aren't weird like me. lol.)

And the worst part is that you know Bare Escentuals is the good stuff. It's not bad for your skin, it's not tested on animals, and they even have a list in the FAQ section of things that might be in the make-up that could cause an allergic reaction (read: gluten free).

But you just can't get past that $100+ amount you would be spending on make-up, so you sadly put it all back and walk away.

Well, as it turns out, this weekend, you don't have to, because they are having a SALE!! (Okay, so it's not that amazing of a sale, but I do like discounted prices for things I was going to purchase eventually anyway.) If you type in WELOVEYOU in the promo codes section of their website, you get 20% off and free shipping! Considering I've been waiting nearly a year to correct the lack of foundation problem I am currently experiencing, I think it is a steal!

So yes, brides to be, mothers who don't have time, teens who don't want to ruin their faces with cheap make-up, and women of all kinds: go splurge at Bare Escentuals for once in your life knowing that today you can actually afford it. :)

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