A Day At Anthropologie: Reviews

What a great day it has been so far! Paycheck came in AND Anthropologie is having a sale! Normally this would be very bad timing, but so far everything has worked out well. There is money available even though I don't actually want anything from the sale. End of review, right?! ;)

Knowing that the semi-annual tag sale was coming up, Justin and I went by Anthropologie after dropping off my laptop at the Apple Store (hospital?) for the next 3-5 days while they do "extensive diagnostic testing" on it.

The following is a list of what I tried on as well as my thoughts:

One of the first things I tried on was the Creeping Lace Hoodie (currently on sale for $59.95) in blue. I don't frequently wear hoodies, and this past winter I got rid of the only one I had. Nevertheless, the texture and color of this gorgeous sweater drew me in. Online this sweater looks thick, but, in reality this sweater is actually incredibly thin and see through. You will need to wear something under it. It looks very delicate, and I have no doubt that not only will this sweater stretch out over time, but it will also, more than likely, snag on EVERYTHING! Jewelry, hair clips, door knobs, etc...! I'm sure it would also be good for you to know that, because this sweater is see through, the dark blue you see on the website seems much lighter in person. This sweater is super long in person. I could have almost worn it as a dress! The sweater is also just a bit over sized. I tried on the small, and there was a lot of extra room in the bust and arms. You will probably want to size down.

Overall, while I love the idea of this sweater, it just didn't work for me. It was too long to wear with a skirt, too unflattering to wear with jeans, and too delicate (and expensive!) to wear casually around the house.

Next I tried on the Jardim Lace Dress in a 2. I actually thought it was a different dress when I tried it on! Oops! Anyway, this dress comes in two parts: a slip underneath the dress and the dress itself. The dress kind of looks a bit vintage on the hanger... or like it could have been vintage. It obviously isn't, but it gives a hint of that vintage vibe. The dress is not actually lace; it actually has more of a ribbon kind of thing sewn onto the fabric to give it that lacy look. The slip underneath is a nude color, but it is not a subdued nude color. The color is more peachy orange than what you typically find when someone says something is nude in color. There isn't really a whole lot to say about this dress. The arm holes are huge and I'm pretty sure you would need some extensive altering for this dress to fit you like it does the model through the arms. The dress itself I would say is true to size. It fit me a little big, but I normally wear a 0 at Anthropologie, so I was expecting that. The slip, on the other hand, is TIGHT. It really makes you wonder if they paired the wrong slip with the dress. The mannequin at Anthropologie had a belt on with this dress, and I'm almost thinking that a belt is a necessity for this dress. This dress took any shape I had/have and threw it out the window! Not flattering at all! And before I move on to the next piece, let me just say that the pink version of this dress is Barbie pink. I was surprised that they would make an adult dress in that color!

I'm sure if I looked like the model in this dress I would have loved it, but as it was, it was a no-go for me.

Justin picked out the Pindot Ruffle Dress in a size 0 for me to try on thinking it looked very similar to one sold at H&M last year that I had fallen in love with on pinterest. I never had the chance to try on the dress from H&M, but I can guarantee you that if it had fit me like this dress fit me, I would not have been interested. I think my problem is that I typically like the hour glass look, and this dress is more of a straight look. Oddly enough, despite my being short, the waist of this dress hit me a little bit high. This dress is nice in that it is stretchy and perfect for a summer's day, but inevitably the stretchy waist made me feel like I was wearing a cheap dress from Wet Seal or something like that. Perhaps it would have looked better with a belt? Overall the dress was true to size, and, despite the stretchiness, I would buy your actual size if you were interested in purchasing it. The stretchiness will not buy you any extra room in this dress.

While I think a skinny person with litte to no curves would look good in this dress, this dress did not suit my body type and I put it back.

The last dress I tried is one I've been watching for weeks, the Forget-Me-Not dress. I saw it on a mannequin at Anthropologie with a cute yellow cardigan, and I've been lusting ever since! :) Let me first say that this dress was the most Anthropologie-esque that I have seen in a long time. When I first fell in love with Anthropologie, it was because of the details you would see in the dresses. For example, this dress has a lovely yellow slip underneath that is attached to the skirt portion of the dress. There is a layer of soft cotton fabric trimmed in lace, and between the cotton slip and the skirt, there is a layer of yellow soft tulle. (Sometimes at other stores dresses have tulle that is hard and itchy, but this tulle was neither of those!) This dress has those little eyelit holes where you see the yellow from the slip peeking through the center of the flowers much like the Overwhelmed Aster Dress. (Actually both dresses were made by the same company -- Moulinette Soeurs!) I love that this dress has straps, and I love the blue ribbon that eally separates the top of the dress from the bottom.

While I'm not in love with this dress I will probably watch it and see how I feel when it hits the sale rack. It is definitely a fun summer dress that I think would be just darling to wear to a wedding. :)

So will you be shopping during Anthropologie's semi-annual Tag sale? Were you able to make it to this morning's "all furniture for $20" price mistake on Anthro's website? (If not, don't worry; I missed it too!)

If nothing is really standing out to you now, make sure to keep an eye on Anthropologie later this month as more items take second and third cuts on the sale rack. You may find exactly what you are looking for at an amazing price!

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